Sunday, 30 March 2008

Cupcake pumps!

My favourite shoe style (apart from my beloved Uggs!) are pumps. I adore pumps - they're so cute and comfy and come with lots of pretty things on like skulls and stars! Now Rocket Dog have launched the ULTIMATE in cute pumps - called the Positive Cupcake pump. I've ordered the white ones and will be shopping tomorrow to see if I can get the black ones as they're sold out everywhere in my size online!

They are ultra cute and even have cupcake lining inside!! And best of all all the cupcake fun but no calories included :)

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Does your dog love cupcakes?

Then now they can show the world that they heart cupcakes by wearing this rather fabulous doggy "dress" from GW Little. Oh how I wish I had a dog! Although I think it would probably fit our cats I dont think I'd be able to eat cupcakes with my hands covered in the massive scratches I'd sustain trying to get either of them into it!

Cthulhu cupcakes

Especially for my lovely hubby Manny, his favourite tentacled beast Cthulhu in cupcake form!

I've always preferred the Hello Kitty version Hello Cthulhu but Manny frowns upon such humour! Although he was terribly excited when I bought him a cuddly Cthulhu!

Anyways you can find the recipe to make the lovely Cthulhu type cupcakes on Martha Stewarts website (she calls them "tentacled alien", I prefer my description!)

Friday, 28 March 2008

Handbag alert!

Seriously are they making these JUST to tempt me to spend all my money on cupcakes??? The whole world seems to be going cupcake mad and although I think this is a great thing, (and lets face it a bag is one way I can enjoy a cupcake without having to worry that I'll have to lie on the bed to zip up my jeans afterwards!) I just can't afford to buy everything cupcake that I want as I want it ALL!!!

Check out Radley's official site if you want to see this bag in all its glory :) I think I'll have to decide between this one and the Betsey Johnson one on Monday (payday!!) - a trip to Covent Garden is called for!!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Back to work tomorrow....

so we just HAD to buy some cupcakes to cheer ourselves up at that horrific thought (and to celebrate the fact that we FINALLY got to Greenwich park on time to see the time ball drop which excited Manny no end!)
Once again it was Peggy's Cupcakes from Greenwich Market that we couldn't resist and as usual they were utterly gorgeous. I can't really explain but they have a lovely home-made feel about them which just reminds me of my mums cooking (which is a good thing!). Also they are just so beautiful ...nearly too beautiful to eat! I wish it was Easter every weekend just so Peggy could keep this lovely decorating style, I'm going to miss the chicks and bunnies!

Treacle - too much is never enough!!

After YEARS of saying we'd go to Columbia Road Flower Market we FINALLY made it on Sunday and we actually made it waaaay before closing! I found a way to get Manny to move and get out - I offered to take him to a good ale pub, The Royal Oak for Sunday lunch and a few pints of Harvey's Stout AFTER we'd been to the market! This was enough to put his bottom into gear and we got out of the house before midday which is generally unheard of with my faffing hubby in tow! Apart from wanting to see the market itself we also wanted to try some cupcakes as there are TWO places on Columbia Road with cupcakes available - Treacle and Cake Hole which is inside Vintage Heaven (both only open on Sundays). The market itself was really lovely - lots of lovely, and cheap, plants and flowers and lots of pretty old quaint shop where I could've spent a fortune if payday hadn't have been so far away - I did manage to pick up a lovely cat cream pourer though. Even walking to the market was a treat as there were loads of really nice unspoilt areas of old housing - it reminded me very much of Berlin round there!

We first saw Cake Hole, however it is at the back of the shop and the front bit was heaving with people looking at antiques so we carried on down the market to Treacle which was slightly quieter and absolutely gorgeous. They had lots of lovely old furniture/kitchen bits and some really pretty cupcake memorabilia, such as aprons and cake stands. And....LOTS of cupcakes in lots of pretty colours. They had both large and small ones available (I've read they do 3 sizes but I think we only saw 2). We opted for a box of 9 minis for £7 - 3 of each flavour; chocolate, lemon and vanilla - it was difficult to be so disciplined as everything looked finger-licking good!! They were all prettily decorated and I especially loved the glitter!

We waited till later that night before having them as we were stuffed after our lovely lunch at the Royal Oak (definitely recommended!) - and the cupcakes were worth waiting for - little bites of heaven. All three flavours were really tasty - soft and tasty bases and lovely and not too sweet frosting!! This is definitely worth the trip up to the market and as its only open on Sundays its a good reason to buy a little box to treat yourself!

We never made it into Cake Hole but will be popping back very soon to test their cupcakes!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter cupcake eggstravaganza

So FINALLY the day came...time to collect my egg-box of gorgeous Easter treats from Crumbs and Doilies at Partridges Market! It was a v.cold and v.damp day and I was worried the market might've been called off due to the weather, but thankfully when we got there I spotted the pink (Ken?) gorilla and my worries swept away. I was totaly happy when I spotted the fabulous chocolate full size cupcakes they still had left...with DUCKS! (I had been worried we were too late for any of their big cakes!). So being greedy for cupcakes we bought a couple of big chocolate cupcakes (Manny chose an egg one with sprinkles rather than a duck one...odd boy!) and picked up our little box of mini-delights and toddled off to Hummingbird in Portobello Road for a coffee and ..more cupcakes. However when we eventually got there it was so busy we couldn't get in the door and had to settle for cupcakeless coffees elsewhere....till we got home and stuffed ourselves with our Crumbs and Doilies goodies....and they WERE good!

This was my first ever chocolate cupcake (I'm a vanilla girl!!!) and it was totally scrummy...I think I've been converted! The frosting was lovely and so was the batter base! God now I like even more flavours I'm never going to be thin!!

When I opened my little egg-box I was delighted to see the little chick one and also the lilac bunny sprinkles...TOTALLY adorable! The little cupcakes were every bit as yummy as I expected them to be (and more so!!) and all in all I was rather happy with my lovely gift from Manny! They were much better than some boring chocolate egg...even better than my usual favourite, the Lindt Bunny (even if I was offered the 1kg version)!!!

As their Easter box said "everyone hearts cupcakes" and I certainly heart Crumbs and Doilies!

Am now planning to order some custom ones....maybe Manowar cupcakes?

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Oh my.......SPRINKLES are coming!!!!!

I think I've just passed out with excitement...SPRINKLES are coming to town!!!!!! Oh my, I've wanted to try Sprinkles cupcakes for aaaaaaaages as I keep reading how fab they are and have even asked Dennis my lovely chum who lives in Ann Arbour to pick me up one of their mixes from a cookery store near him so I can make them at home and (kinda) try a Sprinkles cupcake but now I don't have to bake cuz they're coming to London!!!!! wuhu wuhu wuhu!!!

I'm going to have to go to eat another of my GORGEOUS mini cupcakes from Crumbs and Doilies that I picked up today just to calm down....more on them in a bit, I'm too excited to type much more...oh except the reason for the doggy pic - Sprinkles do doggy cupcakes cool :)

Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday cupcakes

and when I say good, I mean GREAT! They were just the cutest things I ever saw and they tasted absolutely superb! Once again Peggy's Cupcakes stand up to the taste test! And I don't think I've seen a cuter Easter cupcake ...yet! Tomorrow I'm picking up my Crumbs and Doilies Easter box and maybe taking a wander to another cupcake emporium so we shall see!

Mine was the pink one above and the blue one I bought for Manny but he hasn't tried it yet - if he takes much longer I may just scoff it myself! I just love the way the little bunny is poking out of the frosting! Its so cute you nearly don't want to bite its head off :)
I also took some pics of the Stall in Greenwich market ....aren't the cupcakes just adorable??!!! Definitely some of the prettiest cupcakes available in London and some of the yummiest too!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Todays cupcake purchase...

Walking down a wet n windy Fleet Street from work this afternoon I popped into Robert Dyas to see if they'd any new cupcake stuff (or their "iced fancy" range as they insist on calling it!) and was chuffed to find that they had LOADS in store! I was VERY restrained as I don't get paid for over a bloody week and have a tonne of things to do before then so I only bought a set of 6 cute coasters for the bargain price of £2.99! I will be back on pay day to get the rest of the range though :)

Sweaty Betty?

I don't want to smell like teen spirit I want to smell of cupcakes, and this adorable sounding deodorant from Etsy will make that happen! Add in the fact that its veggie, paraben and alcohol free AND includes no aluminium (which brings me out in a rash!) and its a no-brainer ...I simply MUST have this!

Oh I heart Etsy :)

The demon treacle/cupcake connection....

Ok if you're a boy and you get all squeamish at the mention of periods, look away NOW as we're about to go all girlie on you...

So cupcakes and periods, what is the connection? Yep I could eat a zillion cupcakes when I'm hormonal but who'd have thought of making cloth panty liners or mama pads as they're called. Now I had too look up what a mama pad was, as I found a cupcake one on Etsy and basically they're like Always/Bodyform but they're made of cloth and you wash them....wonder if you can still roller skate and bungee jump whilst wearing them?

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Guilt free cupcake fun!

My chum Nails bought me this lovely little cupcake lip gloss for my birthday - isn't it fab!! And it tastes yummy too and best of all no calories included :)

You can buy them online at Dolly Dagger or google cupcake lip gloss :)

Cupcake Pants!

I popped into our local Asda today on the way home and they have 2 different styles of cupcake pants - one pink one with a cupcake on and a blue pair (also available in yellow) covered in cupcakes saying "have your cake and eat it" on the waistband thingy! Unfortunately my store only had size 8 and 10, and my cupcake filled ass wouldn't fit into those so I shall pop to another store and see if they have a more sensible size for me to buy! They're only £2 so worth checking out! You can check them out online here but you can't buy them on there - pain in the butt! I'll have to go to Croydon's giant George store to get them I think!

They also have some cute Hello Kitty pyjamas for a tenner! I did manage to get a quackingly splendid new shower curtain though for under a fiver! Here is Angel planning her next attack on it - she is the reason we go through shower curtains at an astounding rate - she swings off them..bad kitty!

North West London cupcake tour...

Planning the cupcakes tours is half the fun - I get to drool over pictures of cupcakes and plan routes (this is Mannys favourite part as he can spend ages perusing maps!). So having successfully completed the cupcake tour of SW London, we are busy planning the NW London equivalent, hopefully for next month. So far we have 3 places to visit including the rather fab looking Primrose Bakery in Primrose Hill. I've already had their cupcakes from Selfridges and they're lovely, but nothing better than getting them straight from the source!! Don't they look GORGEOUS!!!!

Cupcakes and pampering!

So a few weeks ago I stumbled across Cupcake spa's website, a spa in Wandsworth for yummy mummys to take their little darlings to - the site is ever so cute and cupcake friendly (they reckon they serve the BEST cupcakes in their cafe..hmmm). However, I was rather perturbed to see just because I've not given birth I can't join their beautifully named spa, but quite frankly passing something the size of a melon through my ladygarden is something even I'm not willing to do for a spa named cupcake! So I was rather chuffed to learn that the Cowshed spa has no such membership criteria and you can pop in any time for a pedicure and even better you can have cupcakes in their cafe! Sounds much more civilised to me and no stitching in unmentionable places!! I must try and drag Manny along one Sunday so we can sit in big leather chairs having pedicures and stuffing our faces with cupcakes :) Bliss!

Now how on earth do I get my hands on a Cupcake cupcake? I hate it when there are cupcakes out there I cannot try :(

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I think this is cupcake heaven...

Two of my favourite things combined - Tiffany AND Cupcakes!!! OH MY! If only they'd had these when I went to New York last Summer - Manny took me to Tiffany and offered to buy me anything I wanted and I just couldn't decide so ended up not getting anything (then again I was just totally chuffed to actually be in Tiffany's in New York!!!)

Manny has promised to buy me something from this collection if we make it back to NY this year, which I was already working but now this is just more of an incentive!

A BIG "thank you" to all things cupcake for pointing this out and making me wuhu out loud :)

Friday, 14 March 2008

Absolutely spiffy cupcake handbag

By Betsey Johnson's Sweet Treats Collection. As well as the lovely bags above (Which both come in white and black) they have make up bags, weekender bags - every kind of bag you could possibly wish for - covered in cake, ice cream cones and CUPCAKES!

I found it originally on Torrid while having my usual lunchtime look on there but you can buy it at the Betsey Johnson website or her stores INCLUDING the London one! I know where I will be on pay day...wuhu

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Just in from our Boston Correspondent

Yes I heart cupcakes has gone International....

My lovely friend Kellie sent me this pic at work today of a red velvet cupcake she bought in a newly opened bakery named Sweet Tooth in her hometown of Boston, MA. She met the owner and bought this HUGE cupcake in my honour - she's so sweet! Bet the cupcake was sweet too, it looks absolutely stunning! I absolutely adore the decoration and the huge amount of frosting on there was making me drool at my desk! I seriously need to get back to the States - the land of the cupcake :)

The bakery looks fab - I love the sound of the "make a wish" cupcake - would it be wrong to wish for "more cupcakes"? Manny would probably drool over the chocolate truffle cupcake - sounds rather scrummy doesn't it!

Thanks Kellie - you rock :)

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

HUGE cupcake!!!

If you were inspired by the HUGE cupcake post a couple of days ago, why not make your own using this fantastic huge cupcake pan!!! How GREAT is this - its making me drool!!!

Could you eat a whole alligator?

Train? Or turtle?

Bet you could if they were made outta cupcakes! How fab - available on line from Linens 'n' Things

Bea's of Bloomsbury - extra posh cupcakes?

I first read about Bea's of Bloomsbury in Time Out last week so took a wander past it on Monday and thought it looked rather fab but it was just closing up so I had to content myself with peering through the window, so today I left work early and on my pre-planned walk up to Camden Wholefoods I popped in to Bea's. I was planning to have a coffee or perhaps one of their much touted Valrhona hot chocolates but when I went in I couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable as it was all rather too posh and a little unwelcoming. There was some ambient music playing that was a bit more 'birthing pool' than 'chill out' and there was a more than a little bit of an air of snottyness about it. Maybe I was just feeling under-dressed as I was wearing jeans and trainers but there was just a vibe to the place I couldn't put my finger on that made me just order take-away rather than sit there and savour my early exit from work!

I opted for a raspberry vanilla for myself and (no shock here) a double chocolate for Manny (and is it just me or does Manny's choc one look about double the size?!). The other cakes in the store looked fab I have to say, lots of variety and LOTS to tempt you! The cupcake itself was lovely but the frosting was bit oily for me I'm afraid - I still ate it all though and it was quite yummy, the frosting just wasn't quite right, maybe I expected more from such a hyped up cupcake - think next time I might go for one of their other cakes!

Cupcake Tour - an added extra

On our way home from the Cupcake Tour we popped into a local Morrisons store we'd never been in before to grab some shopping and I was chuffed to find some more cupcake bits and to make it even better they were on sale and an utter steal :)
The glass work surface protector was practically being given away for £1.48 and the mug set was £2.99 for all three bits!!! Sooooooo cute and a fantastic bargain - a great end to the day of cupcakes :)