Saturday, 8 March 2008

Manowar cupcakes!!!!

Second to my love of cupcakes is my love of Manowar (well they're probably equal - cover Joey in frosting and they might just edge ahead!!!) and I simply have to have these cupcake toppers - the description alone sells them to me....

Hail and kill! Twelve handmade cake toppers, six of each design you see here. Mini viking helmets and battle axes, perfect for a football game or to watch Manowar videos. Also available as a DIY kit, see listing for details.

Hail and Kill is my Myspace name - its like kismet or whatever the word is!

Check out Bake and Destroy at their Etsy page, or if you live in Chicago you can visit the Bleeding Heart Bakery

Heavy Metal cupcakes RULE!

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