Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Cupcake Tour - Buttercup Cake Shop

Our third, and final, destination on our Cupcake Tour of South West London ended at the fantastic Buttercup Cake Shop in Kensington! When we arrived there weren't many cakes left, but thankfully they had some of my favourite, banoffee, left!! And they were just putting the finishing/frosting touches to some double chocolate ones which Manny couldn't resist! Think he was hoping they'd offer him the opportunity to lick the bowl ;)

We had the Buttercup cupcakes when we got home, following a walk through Hyde Park and a trip to Morrisons where we acquired some more cupcake-goodies - and as usual they were utterly, UTTERLY gorgeous. Of all the ones I had today I think this is my favourite but I do think the flavour swayed it - I heart banoffee!

In all the cupcake tour was an utterly great way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon - we didn't actually eat that many cupcakes, considering how much temptation there was and in all we walked about 7 miles or so so worked off lots of calories!!!!

We are now planning the North West London leg of the tour for April :)

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