Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Cupcake Pants!

I popped into our local Asda today on the way home and they have 2 different styles of cupcake pants - one pink one with a cupcake on and a blue pair (also available in yellow) covered in cupcakes saying "have your cake and eat it" on the waistband thingy! Unfortunately my store only had size 8 and 10, and my cupcake filled ass wouldn't fit into those so I shall pop to another store and see if they have a more sensible size for me to buy! They're only £2 so worth checking out! You can check them out online here but you can't buy them on there - pain in the butt! I'll have to go to Croydon's giant George store to get them I think!

They also have some cute Hello Kitty pyjamas for a tenner! I did manage to get a quackingly splendid new shower curtain though for under a fiver! Here is Angel planning her next attack on it - she is the reason we go through shower curtains at an astounding rate - she swings off them..bad kitty!

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