Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Bea's of Bloomsbury - extra posh cupcakes?

I first read about Bea's of Bloomsbury in Time Out last week so took a wander past it on Monday and thought it looked rather fab but it was just closing up so I had to content myself with peering through the window, so today I left work early and on my pre-planned walk up to Camden Wholefoods I popped in to Bea's. I was planning to have a coffee or perhaps one of their much touted Valrhona hot chocolates but when I went in I couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable as it was all rather too posh and a little unwelcoming. There was some ambient music playing that was a bit more 'birthing pool' than 'chill out' and there was a more than a little bit of an air of snottyness about it. Maybe I was just feeling under-dressed as I was wearing jeans and trainers but there was just a vibe to the place I couldn't put my finger on that made me just order take-away rather than sit there and savour my early exit from work!

I opted for a raspberry vanilla for myself and (no shock here) a double chocolate for Manny (and is it just me or does Manny's choc one look about double the size?!). The other cakes in the store looked fab I have to say, lots of variety and LOTS to tempt you! The cupcake itself was lovely but the frosting was bit oily for me I'm afraid - I still ate it all though and it was quite yummy, the frosting just wasn't quite right, maybe I expected more from such a hyped up cupcake - think next time I might go for one of their other cakes!


Manny said...

No complaints about my choccy one :) The frosting reminded me of chocolate Angel Delight, I didn't mind that at all xxx

Anonymous said...

Sounds horrible! Definitely won't be stopping there--thanks for the tip!