Monday, 10 March 2008

The Cupcake Tour of London - Crumbs and Doilies

Saturday 10th March - FINALLY the day arrived - my much anticipated (well it was by me!)cupcake tour of South West London!

First stop on the cupcake trail was Partridges Market just near Sloane Square for our first try of Crumbs and Doilies. Thankfully although we were a bit late they still had some yummy looking cupcakes left and we opted for a little tray of mini-cupcake tasters so we could try a few of their flavours, including flavour of the month, Guinness, which Manny loved and I didn't get a bite of it to comment. I took a couple of pics of the stall and the lady working there was really friendly - and their cupcakes were lovely!! Definitely one of the nicer cupcakes I've tried, the forsting was yummy and the batter was lovely and light -a perfect cupcake! I tried a lemon, chocolate and vanilla - they were all minis so I'm sure there weren't too many calories! Next time I shall get a big one and try them - I loved the look of the blue ones when we went but I was trying not to be too greedy!

They are offering an ultra cute Easter package of Easter Boxes, which contain 15 mini cupcakes and come beautifully wrapped with spring-time ribbon, and Easter Eggboxes, which contain 6 mini cupcakes and come in special Easter egg cartons. Easter Boxes are £12, and Easter Eggboxes are £5. These can be pre-ordered using the link above and collected at the Market - I'm off to order mine now (resisting the urge to buy a HUGE box for myself!!!), see you there :)

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Manny said...

My guinness one was lovely indeed. I shall help you eat the Easter box xxx