Friday, 29 August 2008

The new cupcake?

According to the Lubbock Online (who?) the cupcake is due to be usurped by the churro, a fried Latino pastry, that's covered in sugar and cinnamon and often served with hot chocolate. According to Wikipedia it's often called the Mexican doughnut and is named after its resemblance to a churro sheep's horn!

Anyways, according to Lubbock Online, the cupcakes days are numbered and soon this fried treat will be taking over from cupcakes. I say Piffle and Tosh! I've seen churros a few times, most recently at the Innocent Fete, but I've not tried them, however I really don't think the cupcake need be quaking in its boots - just compare the pics above and tell me which looks nicer! Maybe it's my aversion to worms but the churro looks a bit wormy to me! Also the churro is deep fried so not as healthy as a cupcake...not that a cupcake is healthy as such know ;)

Got a cupcake problem

Don't write to Mrs Mills of the Sunday Times expecting sympathy in her Mrs Mills Solves your Problems column! I read this in Sunday's paper while catching up on all the news at the superb Coffee@Whitecross - my favourite non-cupcake hangout in London and it made me laugh out loud! Enjoy :)

Miss Conceited
I went to the last of a long run of weddings at the weekend (14 in two years). On Sunday morning, I had a piece of chocolate wedding cake for breakfast, then a slice of the fruit cake layer for elevenses. For afternoon tea, I ate the most enormous cupcake, left over from the evening reception. Today I’ve eaten a piece of carrot cake and a mini lemon cake. I’m a size 10 and in my early thirties. Do I have a problem?
ZC, by e-mail

Yes. Watch out for a slap in the face. Nobody likes a show-off.

Live, Laugh, Love and cupcakes (of course!)

In the mail today the latest updates from the rather cute Live, Laugh, Love - an online store specialising in vintage style and country products, including some rather cute cupcake goodies.

I really like the welcome mat (although I have seen it for slightly cheaper in Smithfields market), the pin cushion, and the cute wall hangings - cute as a cupcake and sweet enough.

The site also has tonnes of other gorgeous stuff non-cupcake related, so much so I must stop looking or I'll spend a fortune!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Cupcakes, Sephora, More Shopping..oh my!

Thanks to All Things Cupcake for alerting me to Sephora's new Vanilla Cupcake Body Collection and to the fact that if you sign up for their beauty insider programme you get a freebie cupcake bubble bath on your birthday, which is rather spiffy as I'm in NY for my birthday where the fantastic HUGE Sephora is (and is probably my nearest one now they're no longer in the I've signed up already, be warned you need a USA zip code (I used a friends!)

Manny if you're reading this guess where we're going on my birthday ;)

Squeal like a pig for meaty cupcakes

Spotted on Cupcakes take the Cake another meaty cupcake, this time with bacon and a french toast base, made by Sweetkisses0530, with the full recipe available on her blog! They look rather nice, although I'm just not sure about the whole idea about savoury cupcakes! They're meant to be sweet, and preferably pink surely!

Hello cupcake..theres a queue!

I found this via my Google news alerts...yes I've signed up for cupcake news alerts, and yes that may be a tad obsessive but meh!

Anyways a rather spiffy new cupcakery, Hello Cupcake has opened in Washington and has led to queues for cupcakes! The article seemed to imply that $3 is expensive for a cupcake, they should come to the UK!!! Also I read on Cupcakes take the Cake that they've imposed a four cupcake rule, so even after you've queued for an hour to get a cake they only let you have four!!! Mind you perhaps they should impose that here too - my diet (well LACK of diet currently) could do with some policing!

I love their section on the anatomy of a cupcake!

I want to try the vanilla gorilla, prima donna (SOOOO pink and gorgeous looking), the princess (so me!), de lime and de coconut (I have a thing for coconut cake at the mo so maybe even the triple coconut!) and the maya favourite, with chili sounds lovely too! Oh I want them all! Wonder if I could nip there while I'm in New York ;)

If you're nearby go check it out and let us know how it was

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Football crazy, football mad...

Today's cupcake email came from Lola's Kitchen to alert you to their fantastic new football range! You can get them in any team's colours and any of their flavours! How fab - but why would you choose any team apart from Glasgow Rangers???

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Mountain Dew Cupcakes

While we were in America last year Manny fell in love with Mountain Dew, so much so I've been buying it from Cyber Candy in Covent Garden for him with money I could be spending on cupcakes!

I found these fantastic looking cupcakes on How to Eat a Cupcake's lovely blog (check out the blog for a fantastic range of recipes for cupcakes and frosting!) and had to share them!

I think these look absolutely yummy and I bet Manny will be drooling over them! Thanks Cassie for letting me use the pic and I think I may have to pack some Mountain Dew in my case when I go to NY in March and make these on my return!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Covent Garden Night Market - 2nd try

We went along on Thursday and again the stalls are just too crammed together while some twonk on some trapeze like contraption shouts at tourists - He had the whole piazza cordoned off for his "act" (Sorry I despise the "acts" round there - human statues should be concreted over to see just how it feels!).

Anyways we decided to just buy a few bits and head off - I had to get the 'I heart cake' chocolate cake from Beas as soon as I saw it! I shared it with Manny and it was really lovely! You can just taste the quality of Beas baking! The chocolate on the cake was fantastic and the cake itself was melt in the mouth gorgeous.

We also popped by Lavender Bakery's stall and picked up a couple of cupcakes - one coconut and lemon for me and a chocolate cupcake covered with ganache for Manny, and two pieces of their shortbread - lavender for me, green tea for Manny. We ate the shortbread at the market and it was really tasty, and we paid the 20p for a box for the cupcakes and took them home for pudding and they were absolutely gorgeous. My coconut was fantastic - the frosting was yummy and there was just the right amount of lemon and coconut :) Manny loved his ganache covered cupcake - mind you I sometimes think he'd eat dust if covered in ganache or frosting ;)
I really like the idea of the night market in Covent Garden - the Xmas one seemed to work better as it was on the other side of the piazza, so didn't get disturbed so much by tourists. I think they need to decide whether to have the market or the "entertainment" - surely for a couple of nights a year we can live without the acts and have room to enjoy some food - they could even put some tables out so people can eat the lovely food on sale like they do at the much nicer slow food markets at the South Bank! The way this market is you just grab stuff and take it home rather than browsing and having hot food!

Friday, 22 August 2008

Cupcake Customisation

Tshirt Patisserie offer to customise your cupcakes - you can choose from chocolate, pink velvet and lemon and they come in a rather spiffy looking box!

They cost £24.95 for a box of twelve! I tried out the online customisation tool -my Manowar cupcakes look a bit ropey, the picture was too big and it's cut poor Joey's head off, but my I heart cupcake ones look kinda cute!

They also do tshirts and dresses that you can put anything you want on :)

Mmmmmmm meat???

Meat cupcakes? Sounds yukky to me but maybe I'd feel differently if I actually liked lamb?

I found these today checking out different cupcake recipes and thought it was unusual - then I googled meat cupcakes and found loads including this rather fab photographic story of how to bake meatloaf cupcakes and these rather fancy looking meat ones (bottom picture)

Not sure I'd eat them but they do look cute! Think I'd rather stick to good old Martha's lamb cupcakes!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

It's Thursday so its CUPCAKE time :)

This weeks Covent Garden night market will be hosting Lavender Bakery's fabulous items this Thursday so get along there and sample some!!!

You can see some lovely pics of the market at Helen Grave's blog as well, including some more cupcake pics!

You can't stop rock n roll!

Not only are TWISTED SISTER one of the best bands in the world - they make cupcakes too at the Twisted Sister bakery in Chicago!! Not only does it sound fab but they'll custom frost your cupcakes for you!! I'm going to have to beg my chum Rene (a fellow fan of Twisted Sister) to pop over there and sample them!

I was rather upset they didn't have a Dee Snider cupcake though - don't you think he looks as cute as a cupcake!!!

Cupcake beads

Aren't these adorable!!

I really like the octopus covered cupcake!

From Maybeads Etsy store.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


No seriously - I AM!!!! And I'm semi healthy too...well there's fruit in there!

Check me out at Capital Cupcakes!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Another day, another blog I'm engrossed in..

I HAVE to stop looking for cupcake blogs -my favourites are groaning under the weight of cupcakes!

Cupcake D'lights is just too lovely not to be obsessed with though! Go check it out...and drool!

Yummy cupcakes - new goodies from Shana Logic

More yummy goodies arrived in my in box today from Shana Logic AND they have introduced a new Fashion Fundraiser section which will donate 10% of proceeds to a different charity every season!

Starting a week ago, 10% of the proceeds from the Fundraiser section of the site will go to the amazing ASPCA which helps prevent cruelty to animals!

The happy pin set is part of the Fundraiser section, so you can buy those and do your bit, and treat yourself to the mirror too in honour of doing your good deed for the day :)

And I know they're not cupcake but HOW cute are these?? Talk about cute overload!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Spooky cupcake cases

I really shouldn't look at Ebay while sat at home on a Saturday night as I have no self control!

Well they were only a couple of pounds, although I did buy two packs - one as a gift for someone :)

Cupcake Wars!

From my daily foray into Google news alerts on cupcakes

Cupcake makers at war over dot-in-circle trademark

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Sprinkles Cupcakes, a California purveyor of mini-cakes beloved by Hollywood stars, has accused rival Famous Cupcakes of stealing its trademarked "Modern Dot" cupcake design to lure away clientele.

Sprinkles high-end pastries have made the rounds of U.S. media, from "The Oprah Winfrey Show" to "Nightline", drawing locals and out-of-towners who regularly wait in long lines outside the company's Beverly Hills store.

The company, which also runs stores in Texas and Arizona, accused Famous Cupcakes in a federal lawsuit filed on Thursday in Los Angeles of incorporating the "nested circle design" featured on Sprinkles cupcakes on Famous Cupcakes packaging, store decor, and "each and every page" of its website.

Unlike other cupcake imitators around the world who ceased using "Modern Dot" after being caught by Sprinkles, Famous Cupcakes has not responded to repeated requests to "promptly stop using its trademarked design," the lawsuit said.

The owner of Famous Cupcakes, who said on its website she began selling cupcakes door-to-door at age 7 and believes "one cupcake is never enough", could not be reached for comment.

I do hope they can sort this out amicably - remember make cupcakes not war!

I have to say I do like the look of the Famous cupcakes bouquet though!

I heart cake jewellery

Some lovely cake inspired jewellery is available at Hannah Zakari - including this fab I heart cake cupcake necklace and charm bracelet and the fetching I heart cake ring. All by Hoolala.

Also available, this adorable fabric ring and ear-rings by FluffsStuffs. Click the link for more of her items in her Etsy store!

I'm completely chuffed and delighted to have received the Arte y Pico award (my first award in fact), which originated in Uruguay and is given for creativity and design, thanks to the lovely Hannah of Hannah's Country Kitchen and my favourite foodies show Masterchef!!!

Here are the rules that accompany the award;

1. Choose 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and their contribution to the blogging community.
2. Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog.

3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name of and link to the blog that presented her/him with the award.

4. The award winner and the one who has given the prize has to show the link of Arte Y Pico blog so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5. Show these rules.

I am going to think about who I award the Arte Y Pico to as I'm such a blog addict I need to narrow it down to five!

By the way go and check out Hannah's blog - I really MUST get round to making the Last Rolo cupcakes which I've been drooling over since February 13th!!

Friday, 15 August 2008

DIY cupcakes - LA Style

My adorable friend Dennis returned from his trip back to Ann Arbour with a veritable feast of goodies for me. I'm so lucky to have someone who will happily schlep to Williams Sonoma for me, although he claims he refused their offer to sign up to their mailing list and pleaded with them to restrict internet access to America only..pshaw! Never mind I check the site LOADS! Way too much actually -its a bit obsessive!

Of course I'm ALWAYS excited to meet my friends but this time was particularly exciting as Dennis - the worst surprise keeper ever - had already told me what he'd bought me on the phone so I was totally excited all day Monday and it was worth it as he'd kept some the two Cup A Cake containers (for cupcakes on the go!) he'd gotten and a MASSIVE amount of Hello Kitty goodies! And of course the TWO bake your own SPRINKLES sets complete with their trademark dots! wuhu

I can't wait to bake them and eat them of course :)

GIANT GIANT Grobswitchy Bun

A giganticus chocolate sponge cupcake, covered in chocolate buttercream icing, wispy-misty marshmallows, chocolate curls and drizzles

Bloody hell this was HUGE! But after a day of hell shopping in Surrey Quays (is there a reason everyone stinks when shopping but the personal hygiene aisle is always empty!?) it was impossible to resist this fantastic looking treat from the Roald Dahl collection of cakes and goodies in Tescos.

So as you can see this giant chocolate cupcake was GIANT and looked rather spiffy and it tasted rather great too! I'm not a big fan of chocolate cupcakes but this was really nice - the base was really soft and the frosting was really nice without being sickly!

There is a whole range of Roald Dahl goodies available at your local Tescos including normal sized cupcakes called Mr Twits Scary Hairy Cakes which are covered in jelly worms and other yukkiness - definitely worth popping to Tescos and reliving your childhood :)

By the way this is NOT something to eat often- check out the calorie/fat content...eeeeek!