Sunday, 3 August 2008

Innocent Cupcakes

We went to the Innocent Fete in Regent's Park yesterday and it was a fab day of great food, real ale, welly wanging and cake!!!! We didn't actually do much except sit on a bay hale drinking Adnams Ale, enjoying the sun and having a great time!! We ate some lovely food, I had some Fab burritos from Freebird, Manny had some Jerk Chicken and brownies and I scoffed a couple (well one and a half after Manny took a bite!) cupcakes from Beverley Hills Bakery.

They were lovely and soft cupcakes, although the frosting had melted a bit in the heat! They cost £2 at the Fete, although looking at the website they're about £3 each, so rather expensive cupcakes!

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Manny said...

What a perfect day that was :) I wish we were cuddling under the brolly in the rain right now xxx