Sunday, 10 August 2008

Narborough Hall...fairy cakes galore

Not quite cupcakes BUT I read this story in my current edition of Waitrose Food Illustrated and I just HAD to share it! These two little girls are a fantastic example to the youth of today - I can't believe how adorable they are..almost brings out a maternal instinct in me...well, not quite, but they could bake cakes for me ;)

Welcome to The Perfect Spot.
This idyllic tearoom can be found in the grounds of Narborough Hall, a private country home and art gallery in Norfolk surrounded by woods, lakes and parkland. Narborough's café is run not, as you might expect, by rosy-cheeked tea ladies or one of those City-high-fliers turned country-yummy-mummy so beloved of the Sunday supplements, but by a talented, dedicated 12-year-old girl and her seven-year-old sister.

Meet Fen Sandelson, chef-patron of The Perfect Spot. Fen, the elder sister, is in Narborough's huge, sunny jumble of a kitchen, icing a batch of fairy cakes. On top of each dainty cake, she confidently places a sprig of her namesake fennel.

"I really love cooking and baking - I want to be a chef when I'm older," she beams. "It was my idea to open the café and I made up the name, The Perfect Spot, because it is."

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Fen's idea is that the café's customers don't pay: the food and drinks are free. Instead visitors are encouraged to leave a donation for Fen and Mermaid's chosen charity, the Fairyland Trust. This organisation aims to inspire and engage children and families in wildlife conservation through workshops and fairs, some of which are held at Narborough. The girls also share the proceeds with local charities, including the nearby church.

You can read the whole story here and get the girls recipes too!


Annie xx said...

haha.. Hey.. I'm like completely best friends with Fen.. I've practically grown up with the Sandelson's and I'm so glad you enjoyed the Perfect Spot! We need so many more visitors and you're blog may've just done that :)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the 'Perfect Spot'is
not as perfect as it once was.

Gone are the cream teas or addition of cream with you cake.

Not much choice of cake and a cold empty pot of tea.

Such a shame. Really used to look forward to visiting this place.

I heart cupcakes said...

Hi Annie -I've not been to the Hall but thought it looked fabulous.

Anon - oh dear that is a shame if its gone downhill