Sunday, 10 August 2008

The countdown begins....

It is now 206 days (and counting) till we go to New York for my birthday trip and already I'm getting pathetically excited, planning where to go, things to do, where to eat and of course CUPCAKING to be done!

Cupcakes Take The Cake is proving, as ever, invaluable in such circumstances and I shall definitely be heading to Sweet Revenge, after reading their comments, to partake of both cupcakes AND frosting shots (something I didn't get round to trying last time!), and cupcakes ice cream desserts, if I can manage all three! I should perchance book two seats for the way home ;)

Their menu lists lots of fab sounding delights and I love the idea of it being a more "adult" cupcake store - cupcakes and booze...Manny's going to love it there as I noticed they have some English real ale on their menu - I'll never get him home!!

Oh I can't wait to visit!!!

(Thanks to Cupcakes Take the Cakes's Rachel for the pics which I borrowed from her Flickr!)


ConsumedbyCake said...

I stumbled across your blog and thought I'd say how much I enjoyed reading it. Nice to find a fellow cupcake obsessive in the UK! I'm in Worthing (home of Parklife which I see you enjoyed) and thought I'd tell you there's now a dedicated cupcakery in Brighton - Angel Food Bakery in the South Lanes. I can also recommend the Swallow Bakery in Chichester if fancy going a bit further afield. They might occupy you while you wait for the trip to NY!

I can be found on Flickr (I'm ConsumedbyCake) should you ever want to check out any of my own cupcakes :)

I heart cupcakes said...

Anyone reading this should go check out consumedbycake's Flickr profile - there are some seriously tempting looking cakes on there!

And I shall definitely be heading to Brighton's Angel Food asap! I've been meaning to get to Chichester for some time (Manny..hint hint!) I may even have to go alone!

Manny said...

I think a trip to the South Coast is in order ;)