Saturday, 23 August 2008

Covent Garden Night Market - 2nd try

We went along on Thursday and again the stalls are just too crammed together while some twonk on some trapeze like contraption shouts at tourists - He had the whole piazza cordoned off for his "act" (Sorry I despise the "acts" round there - human statues should be concreted over to see just how it feels!).

Anyways we decided to just buy a few bits and head off - I had to get the 'I heart cake' chocolate cake from Beas as soon as I saw it! I shared it with Manny and it was really lovely! You can just taste the quality of Beas baking! The chocolate on the cake was fantastic and the cake itself was melt in the mouth gorgeous.

We also popped by Lavender Bakery's stall and picked up a couple of cupcakes - one coconut and lemon for me and a chocolate cupcake covered with ganache for Manny, and two pieces of their shortbread - lavender for me, green tea for Manny. We ate the shortbread at the market and it was really tasty, and we paid the 20p for a box for the cupcakes and took them home for pudding and they were absolutely gorgeous. My coconut was fantastic - the frosting was yummy and there was just the right amount of lemon and coconut :) Manny loved his ganache covered cupcake - mind you I sometimes think he'd eat dust if covered in ganache or frosting ;)
I really like the idea of the night market in Covent Garden - the Xmas one seemed to work better as it was on the other side of the piazza, so didn't get disturbed so much by tourists. I think they need to decide whether to have the market or the "entertainment" - surely for a couple of nights a year we can live without the acts and have room to enjoy some food - they could even put some tables out so people can eat the lovely food on sale like they do at the much nicer slow food markets at the South Bank! The way this market is you just grab stuff and take it home rather than browsing and having hot food!


Anonymous said...

I went to the market last week too and tried one of the heart cakes---it was amazing! I asked the girl why they didn't have cupcakes and she said apparently the other cupcake stalls complained about too much competition. Shame though, I wonder what their chocolate cupcakes would taste like!

I heart cupcakes said...

How odd! I much prefer Bea's cakes than their cupcakes (due to their frosting) so its good for me! Their cupcakes are always available at their shop, 10mins from Covent Garden if you wanna try them! There are some reviews on this blog for Beas cupcakes too!