Wednesday, 22 October 2008


The boo theme seems to be popular, with Sprinkles Halloween BOO box!

Ghosts, goblins and monsters of all ages will have a hard time turning down Sprinkles Halloween BOO box!

Vanilla milk chocolate, red velvet, black & white and caramel apple* cupcakes adorned with Sprinkles ghost and BOO sugar decorations. Sealed with a BOO spooky cupcakes sticker.

*spiced apple cake studded with granny smith apples topped with a buttery caramel cream cheese frosting.

I like the sound of the caramel apple cupcakes and they look adorable...I heart the little ghosts!

Britain needs bakers!

So says a rather fab article in the Times about the growth of the cake industry in the UK.

Britain is in the grip of cake mania. Last week the Women's Institute, spiritual home of the iced occasion fruitcake, reported that interest in its baking courses was up 60 per cent; one online retailer said it was selling a cookie cutter every 15 minutes; and on Monday the nation is to be galvanised into action with the start of National Baking Week.

You can read the rest of the article here, with recipies for cakes by Konditor and Cook and Cake-boy (which I'm visiting next month), and some very yummy looking mint choc chip cupcakes from Crumbs and Doilies!

Crumbs...more Halloween Cupcakes

More precisely, the ever fab Crumbs and Doilies Halloween cupcakes!

Halloween at Crumbs and Doilies is all treat and no tricks. Perhaps you’d like to surprise a friend or victim in Central or South West London, or maybe you’re planning a scary soiree of your own. Either way, a box of our ghoulishly good mini cupcakes is sure to cause fright and delight.

You can order boxes for delivery (central London only) or collection from their special Halloween page!

I shall be trying to get to their stall on the 1st of November to get some, however we're doing a cupcake tour of Brighton/Worthing on Halloween for our wedding anniversary so I may not make it! Will try my hardest though as they do look great and they will definitely taste great too!!!

Halloween cupcakes in London

First up is Lola's Kitchen's Halloween cupcakes, or as they're calling them their Boo! cute!

LOLA's BOO! cupcakes are now available. We have launched a scrumptious pumpkin flavour and you can mix this in a box with any of our other flavours. Each cupcake is topped with scary decoration, icing colours and fun sprinkles. As always, they're freshly baked on the day they're delivered amd make the perfect gift for clients, friends and family or any Halloween party!Your cupcake box will have a Halloween sticker and is beautifully tied for delivery or collection with a personal greeting.

You can order them from their online store, or you can buy them in Selfridges from 24th October till Halloween! I shall be heading to Selfridges to try and bag a pumpkin flavour one!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The new cupcake? Part two!

First churros were the new cupcake and now I read in Laist that bundt is another contendor for the cupcake crown! Looking at Kiss my Bundt's site I'm drooling a bit but not thinking of giving up my cupcake love anytime soon!
You can keep up to date with all things Bundt on their blog.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Trick or Sweet

I ADORE Cakespy and am loving their new set of Trick or Sweet rubber stamps! How cute!!! You can buy them here.

BTW is it sad when I read Cakespy cartoons I give the cupcakes little voices in my head?

Yummy...trick or treat

I noticed this magazine in my local supermarket a few weeks ago and finally remembered to Google it! I've never seen it before but then I do tend to notice things more when they're festooned with cupcakes!
From reading what's in it this month it seems to be mainly cakes and puddings so maybe I should buy it as I live in a house of pudding lovers!
I'm sure those are the cupcake cases I bought in Lakeland a few weeks ago!

Cupcake Crazy!

Had a week off from blogging due to a husband with a habit for downloading viruses (grrr!) and typically it was cupcake-filled!!!!

London seemed to have gone cupcake mad last week - including a double page spread highlighting the best cupcakes in town in last Wednesday's London Lite. However my favourite discoveries happened in Next. Yes, fact Next Home Store in Tottenham Court Road which is FULL of cupcake goodies for Xmas!!!

My favourite is the top picture - the hot chocolate set with the adorable removable cupcake tops for the mugs, which I am deffo getting!!! There is a big range of cupcake goodies from cake stands to money boxes to mug sets to tax disc holders to bottle stoppers! How fantastic!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Looking for a bit of private time with your cupcake?

Lovers of cupcakes, hold onto your frosting. Magnolia Bakery has opened a private party room in its Upper West Side space (which is certified kosher), setting the stage for kids (and adults too, who are we kidding) to get together and celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or just a passion for buttercream.

The space can accommodate up to 35 adults for a cocktail party and 24 for a seated event. Rental costs start at $500 for two hours and include a choice of two-dozen cupcakes or one of the bakery’s delectable cakes.

The Children’s Party Package ($750 for 90 minutes) includes a personalized Magnolia cake, as well as pizza, juice, milk and cupcakes and, most importantly, fun for twelve children (as well as treats, coffee and tea for the adults)!

Staff-led activities include:
• Design Your Own Chef Hat
• Make Your Own Colored Sprinkles
• Cupcake Icing with Magnolia’s signature frosting

Each child takes home-customized Magnolia goody bag filled with three jars of Magnolia hand-colored sprinkles, a mini-baking utenstil set, and mini cupcake pan.

Magnolia Bakery on the UWS is located at 200 Columbus Avenue, corner of 69th Street, 212-724-8101.


And another...

They are breeding like rabbits I tell you!

Ok that is it! No more looking for cupcake places in NY!

Number 33 is Lassen and Hennings in Brooklyn Heights which I've just read do FABULOUS red velvet cupcakes!

Oh yummy!

The NY Cupcake Tour continues to grow

We were already at a staggering THIRTY ONE cupcake places to try and visit when we go in March, when I happened upon a post I'd missed previously on one of my favourite blogs - Serious Eats New York. Now with the addition of Penny Licks in Williamsburg we are looking at 32 (aaaargh!!!) - to manage it we'll have to eat 4 cupcakes every day for the 8 days we're there!!!!

They do look too good to miss off the tour though don't they!!!?

Pic courtesy of Serious Eats - thank you :)

Cupcakes keep my cold feet warm!

I seem to keep finding cupcake socks! This time in Asda and for a bargain £1 per pair or 4 pairs for £3! Obviously I bought 4 pairs - I just cannot resist the cupcakes!

Crazy about Halloween Cupcakes

Wilton have gone Halloween mad in their latest promo email and I thought I'd share some of their yummy cupcakes!

Instructions for all of them available on the links below:

They all look fab but I think my favourite is the Wacky Werewolf!!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tarts on the tele!

No not an annoying programme with Billie Piper but those my favourite cupcake chaps from Outsider Tart are going to be on Rachel Allen's new Bake! series on UKTV Food at 9pm on Wednesday 15th October at 9pm.

Primrose Bakery were on episode 1 but I didn't see them - there is a cupcake recipe for some rather nice sounding lemon cupcakes on the site from them though.

Looking forward to seeing what the Davids cook for us on the 15th!

Also just HAD to mention the programme which is on after Bake!, Ace of Cakes, featuring the cakes of Charm City Cakes - on tonight's show they make a Fist of Rock cake for a wedding groom which featured the MANOWAR logo which I have tattooed on my arm!!! You can't see it in the pic but I can't find another! It also featured a HUGE cupcake tower!! Great show!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Punk cupcakes

From the ever fantastic Crumbs and Doilies, some great punk cupcakes that were made for a wedding - how cool!!

Also pictured, the cupcake of the month from C&D, mint choc chip - the description is making my mouth water!

Some of the greatest chocolate cupcakes we've ever had the pleasure to produce - Valrhona cocoa powder, Lescure AOC butter, you know the sort of thing, but this time with added Callebaut milk chocolate chips - heaps of 'em! All this, and a smooth buttercream icing made with organic peppermint extract. Marvellous.

I am going to try to get there next Saturday to see if they taste as good as they sound!

Finally, make sure you sign up for their halloween email which will give you a severed heads up on C&D's halloween spooktacular!!!

Cute cupcake cookbook

I couldn't resist this cupcake book I noticed while doing my shopping in Marks and Spencer! Its packed full of gorgeous pictures and really great sounding recipes and it was a bargain for £3.50!

Also from M&S, this really cute birthday card which cost £1!

Cupcaketastic :)

Friday, 3 October 2008

Cupcake pin cushions

These gorgeous cupcake pin cushions by Naive arrived in my email in box this am! Aren't they cute!!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Scary cupcake panties!

Check out these devilicious cupcake panties from the fantastic Torrid. You'll have to search for them on Torrid (type in cupcake) as their links dont post on here!
I want them!!!

Its cupcake weekend!!

And my what a choice those lovely fellas at Outsider Tart are offering!! Seriously guys, with these cupcakes you are spoiling us!

Market Menu weekend 4th and 5th October
It's Cupcake Day! We have several new flavors this weekend that we are excited to share.


Red Velvet

Pumpkin with pumpkin cream cheese frosting

Apple – Cinnamon frosting

chocolate cherry cheesecake cupcake

Brownie Chunk Carrot


Lane Cake



Triple chocolate

Oatmeal with a butterscotch filling


Looking forward to seeing all our fellow cupcake lovers out this weekend.Have a great week,David and David

I've got a wedding party on Saturday night but I am planning a trip to Richmond in the day to pick up a few cupcakes - Manny's already made his choices! They all sound so yummy it'll be difficult to decide!!!! I think I'll definitely have to have a pumpkin one as its nearly Halloween!
UPDATE - I didn't make it on Saturday to cupcake day as there was engineering works on the train line which meant the journey was going to take about 4 hours and I had lots to do for the wedding! Pshaw!