Monday, 20 August 2012

Holy Fuckcakes

If you're reading this from  London and are a fan of street food then I'm sure you'll need no introduction to Holy Fuck hot sauce, the infamous hot sauce made by the Ribman.

What you may not know is that this sauce is now available baked into a cake.

Two weeks ago Kaelie from Sweet Tooth Factory made some Holy Fuckcakes to celebrate the Ribman's birthday and sold some at Street Feast. After reading about them on Twitter how could I resist?

We bought three cupcakes from the lovely Kaelie - Manny nearly exploded with excitement when he saw the triple chocolate ganache cupcake so obviously we had to get one of those, and I opted for a salted caramel cupcake. If it'd been up to Manny we'd have bought all the flavours. And cheesecake.

We sat down with a Brown Betty of tea and got to scoffing. I didn't have much time to take pics, and it was dark so please accept my apologies for the pics - they don't do the cakes justice.

First up was the chocolate ganache. Oh. My. God. I'm not usually a fan of very chocolate'y cupcakes but this was really tasty. Well the bit I got to try was - Manny wolfed it down superfast. And the ganache frosting was amazing. I may have to kidnap Kaelie till she tells me her secret!

The salted caramel cupcake was really nice. I never used to like salted caramel but since working in the bakery and making salted caramel goodies I now love it, and this one was good, with really lovely salted caramel sauce oozing out from under the delicious frosting.

And finally, the Holy Fuck cupcake - aka the Holy Fuckcake.

On first bite, I thought 'oh it's not that spicy' and then ....oh my....the heat HIT. Wow these cakes were hot! And tasty. Very very tasty. A total hit!

They were such a success at Street Feast Kaelie has now added them to her cupcake menu so if you want to try them make sure you follow her on Twitter to find out where she's selling them. Next time I visit I shall be buying all her cheesecakes!

On a non cake point we tried The Ribman's Holy Mother of God sauce - bejesus that stuff is EAR BURNING.