Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tarts on the tele!

No not an annoying programme with Billie Piper but those my favourite cupcake chaps from Outsider Tart are going to be on Rachel Allen's new Bake! series on UKTV Food at 9pm on Wednesday 15th October at 9pm.

Primrose Bakery were on episode 1 but I didn't see them - there is a cupcake recipe for some rather nice sounding lemon cupcakes on the site from them though.

Looking forward to seeing what the Davids cook for us on the 15th!

Also just HAD to mention the programme which is on after Bake!, Ace of Cakes, featuring the cakes of Charm City Cakes - on tonight's show they make a Fist of Rock cake for a wedding groom which featured the MANOWAR logo which I have tattooed on my arm!!! You can't see it in the pic but I can't find another! It also featured a HUGE cupcake tower!! Great show!

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Manny said...

That's the most metal looking cake I've seen - excellent \m/