Sunday, 10 August 2008

Hummingbird, hummingbird yum yum yum

On our annual pilgrimage to all things beer, The Great British Beer Fest, at Earls Court, we decided to lunch at Hummingbird on cupcakes and coffee. However after spotting the humongous slices of cake we instead opted for cake for lunch (red velvet for me, devils chocolate for Manny) and got some cupcakes to take away!

The cake was absolutely delicious and the people in Hummingbird were really nice and friendly, as people should be if they work surrounded by frosting and fabulousness :)

We got four cupcakes to take away - a red velvet each (Manny had a chunk of my cake and fell in love), a black bottom and a vanilla. Manny decided that the black bottom is his favourite flavour ever and mine were yummy as usual! The bases are always really light and soft, and the frosting is absolutely melt in your mouth lovely, with lots of it but not so much that it gets sickly!As you can see from the pics they got a little squished at the beer fest and from my photography you can probably tell I got a little squiffy!!! I can safely say that cupcakes are a far better drunken late night snack than any kind of kebab!
Hummingbird definitely is in my top cupcake places in London :)

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Manny said...

I do think the black bottom is the nicest cupcake I've had, apart from the ones you made of course! The red velvet isn't far behind though, that was really delicious and the cakes we had in the shop ruled as well! I do like it when I get a BIG slice too :)