Sunday, 3 August 2008

Luckily bad service and sour faces do not curdle frosting

I was planning on going to Profile to grab some Outsider Tart cupcakes as I couldn't make it to Richmond or Chiswick for cupcake weekend but after one of my cats decided to throw up on their scratching post I had to go buy another one in Camden, the only place they sell the Fat Cat Big Mama which is their fav, so I decided to pop to Primrose Bakery.

I bought four cupcakes, vanilla, chocolate, mocha and lemon and coconut. As usual their cupcakes were really nice, although my vanilla base was a little dry, and the frosting was fabulous. However once again their service was utterly non-existent - the lady serving me boxed the cupcakes, thrust my change at me and then walked off to resume her conversation with the other lady behind the counter - I think both of them are the owners (one of them definitely is). No "do you need a bag?", "thanks for coming" or any other such frivolous customer service. Their cakes are nice but I will only be going back if I'm in the area and really am craving a cupcake and coffee.

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Manny said...

You'd think they'd be happy making cakes for a living - beats working in an office I'll bet! At least the cakes were yummy :)