Tuesday, 29 July 2008

You wanna be in my gang....?

After writing about the rather fab sounding "cupcake club" earlier this week I have since found a UK based one, in fact based about 10mins from my house!!! Cupcakes and Bakes, whose cupcakes I bought a couple of months ago at Greenwich food market, offer 3 different cupcake clubs

All you need to do is supply us with the recipient information and a preferred date for the package to begin, and we will send them a dozen different flavoured and decorated cupcakes every month. Because we are always baking, not all of our recipes make it onto our website. Therefore your lucky recipient will get lots of new flavours to try out.
A subscription to the Cupcake Club is perfect for all gifts, or just for those discerning cake lovers. Corporate orders are also welcomed. Prices below are inclusive of delivery. All you do is pay one price for a gift that will last all year round.
Choose from:

Three month package £ 72.00

Six month package £ 138.00

12 month package £ 240.00

While I do like the idea of a cupcake club, I'm not sure I would only want to eat cupcakes from one supplier every month - I like being able to hunt out new cupcake places, or try whatever, for example Outsider Tart have flavourwise for their cupcake day each month! While the thought of a cupcake club is great I think I'd only do it if you could get 4 a month, for example! Great idea for a gift though ;)

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Manny said...

I'm sure between us we could manage 12 a month and still have room for more, lol :)