Monday, 7 July 2008

I wish every day was cupcake day!!

I made it over to Richmond early on Saturday - mainly cuz I left a very hungover Manny in bed feeling sorry for himself so was able to get out of the house without too much faffing, and this early start paid off as they still had a full range of cupcakes left when I arrived!! I had been drooling since reading their flavours for "cupcake day" and they were worth every second I spent drooling!

I bought 4 - strawberry vanilla and red velvet for me and brownie chunk and Boston cream pie for Manny and all 4 of them were utterly fantastic! The strawberry one was SO good I didn't want it to end - each bite of frosting was like having a zillion of the yummiest, juiciest strawberries you've ever eaten exploding in your mouth all at once! Seriously it was THAT good! My red velvet was utterly fabulous too, nice and soft with a really moreish frosting! Manny seemed to enjoy his also (I swiped a fingerful of his filing from his cream pie one and it was very good and a nibble of his chocolate frosting which was incredibly tasty!)...there were no complaints and lots of yummy noises and it seemed to help cure his hangover - see cupcakes can heal!

The guys from Outsider Tart were really friendly and gave me a gorgeous jute bag to carry my goodies home safely!! I really hope their business grows and grows, like I would if it was cupcake day every day ;)

Go buy their cupcakes ASAP - if you don't you'll only regret it! My only regret - I was so eager to get stuck into eating them my pictures suck..sorry guys!

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Anonymous said...

So sweet of you to cheer me up with cupcakes - they were very delicious! We have to take a trip down to Richmond together soon xxx