Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Lavender Bakery - a cupake adventure

This has taken me ages to write up as I've been trying desperately to get the pics I took from my phone to the computer but alas its just not working but will keep trying as I took some good ones, including Manny covered in some rather scrummy caramel frosting!

The lovely Michelle from Lavender Bakery offered me some cupcakes via email after I contacted her as I'd been to the LRB cafe to try some of her cupcakes and was disappointed they weren't there! So one Friday last month I sneaked out of work to meet Michelle's boyfriend and collect my cupcakes, I was only expecting a couple and there were LOADS! A BIG box full of utterly gorgeous, beautifully decorated cupcakes. The bases were really soft and the frosting was really yummy. Guess what I had for lunch that

We were going to a gig that night so Manny and I met at Lincoln's Inn Fields for a cupcake supper before going, which is where the aforementioned Manny covered in frosting incident happened - he looked rather amusing in his denim cut-off with frosting all over his nose!! I shall post the pics once I have figured out how to transfer them! The pic above are the actual cupcakes I got, borrowed (with permission!) from Michelle's flicker site - go check it out and see how pretty her cupcakes are!

I think the LRB cafe does the Lavender Shortbread which sounds rather yummy and deffo worth popping into the cafe for!

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Manny said...

Top night that was, metal and cupcakes, and you of course xxx