Friday, 7 March 2008

Yukky cupcakes

I was off work on Wednesday and decided to toddle down to Kensington for a browse around the shops including Wholefoods which I ADORE!! After a quick coffee I thought I'd check the patisserie section and was chuffed to see they'd some cupcakes, or "fancy cupcakes" as they decided to call them (I suppose "disgusting and tasting of oil" wouldn't be a strong selling point!!). So I happily chose 2 - one greeny/blue one and a pink pig for Manny and went for a stomp round Hyde Park/Marylebone High Street to wear off a tonne of calories in anticipation of my, wrongly assumed, scrummy treat later! I was heartbroken when I dropped them in Primark (a.k.a hell on Oxford St) as I paid for my lovely pink spotty vest, but thought they'd still taste nice if look a bit scruffy! By the time I got them home they'd melted into a mass of yuk and it looked like a cupcake massacre inside the box - nevermind, I thought, a smoooooshed cupcake is still a cupcake - how WRONG I was!

After taking the above pics, I decided to just try some of the "frosting" as it didn't look quite right - and thank goodness I didn't take a big mouthful as it was UTTERLY gross! It tasted like how I'd imagine unflavoured shaving foam would taste, i.e. AWFUL. I tried a bit of the cake bit and it was just yuk too - no taste, hard and just unpleasantly textured. It was so disgusting I had to throw it in the bin - something I've thankfully never had to do with another cupcake! Only then did I look at the box (my greed got the better off me before I ate it!) and realise that the 2nd ingredient listed is Canola Oil..eugh, eugh, eugh.
And what makes it even worse - my favourite cupcake shop was just round the corner and I could've had Buttercup cupcakes instead :(
Unless you WANT to eat something that tastes like drinking oil then do NOT buy Wholefoods Markets cupcakes! You've been warned!

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