Monday, 24 March 2008

Back to work tomorrow....

so we just HAD to buy some cupcakes to cheer ourselves up at that horrific thought (and to celebrate the fact that we FINALLY got to Greenwich park on time to see the time ball drop which excited Manny no end!)
Once again it was Peggy's Cupcakes from Greenwich Market that we couldn't resist and as usual they were utterly gorgeous. I can't really explain but they have a lovely home-made feel about them which just reminds me of my mums cooking (which is a good thing!). Also they are just so beautiful ...nearly too beautiful to eat! I wish it was Easter every weekend just so Peggy could keep this lovely decorating style, I'm going to miss the chicks and bunnies!

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Manny said...

A perfect end to a perfect weekend :) Who'd have thought watching a red ball drop could be so exciting, lol! I love you so much xxx