Thursday, 13 March 2008

Just in from our Boston Correspondent

Yes I heart cupcakes has gone International....

My lovely friend Kellie sent me this pic at work today of a red velvet cupcake she bought in a newly opened bakery named Sweet Tooth in her hometown of Boston, MA. She met the owner and bought this HUGE cupcake in my honour - she's so sweet! Bet the cupcake was sweet too, it looks absolutely stunning! I absolutely adore the decoration and the huge amount of frosting on there was making me drool at my desk! I seriously need to get back to the States - the land of the cupcake :)

The bakery looks fab - I love the sound of the "make a wish" cupcake - would it be wrong to wish for "more cupcakes"? Manny would probably drool over the chocolate truffle cupcake - sounds rather scrummy doesn't it!

Thanks Kellie - you rock :)

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