Friday, 7 March 2008

Parklife Cafe, Worthing - my birthday outing!

After the horror of the Wholefoods oilcake I was even more excited than before to go to Parklife Cafe on Thursday for my birthday cupcake. And thankfully it was ABSOLUTELY fantastic!! One of the cutest little cafes I've been in! The bubbles welcoming you from the machine outside were a fantastic welcome, and then we went inside to the CAKES!!! They were gorgeous - and they had some glittery pink vanilla ones - like they were making them JUST for my b'day. I had a cupcake and coffee (which was lovely too!) and my tubby hubby had a chocolate brownie (which he rated as "perhaps the best brownie he'd ever eaten" and he's eaten A LOT!) AND a humongous slice of Guinness cake, which was v.nice (he allowed me little smidgen!). The cupcake were heavenly - perfect frosting and lovely cakes - they were divine and a perfect birthday treat. We got some to take home and carried them round Brighton while we shopped for cupcake items and all the way home, rather tipsy, on the last train to London after several pints of lovely Kriek in the Evening Star! I had my red velvet for breakfast this morning and Manny had a vanilla one (his first ever vanilla cupcake!). Again these were utterly gorgeous - Manny got so stuck into his he ended up with a glitter moustache ;)
Yesterday was my first ever visit to Worthing and it will NOT be my last!!! I'm already planning an overnight stay for their beer fest later in the year so I can eat cupcakes for 2 days, 3 if I bring some home!
I heart Park Life cafe :)


Manny said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday, I had a lovely day too :) We'll definately go back to Worthing again sometime, the Parklife cafe was great!!

Love you xxx

michael said...

Thank you so much for the great review:) My hubby was particularly pleased with your brownie comment as he now makes them(after lots of training) I often read your blog and love to see your other reviews! Come again soon love Parklife x