Saturday, 27 February 2010

Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Today was the last Saturday of February, and therefore the last day we had to get to Partridge's and sample a Crumbs and Doilies flavour of the month -salted caramel.

We got there a little later than planned due to me trapping 3 fingers in the door on the way out and then having a girlie moment about it (tears were hurt and still does!) but thankfully they still had a couple of the large salted caramel cupcakes left!

Manny spotted a stall selling some rather tasty looking chocolate goodies, Chez Moi Chez Vous, so we also got one of their chocolate "cupcakes" and then did our usual Partridge's routine - visit the lovely old couple who run the Indian Kitchen stall and get some yummy curry for lunch (I highly recommend this stall!)

We had originally planned to visit the Cupcake Company in Kensington Church Street as well, but the Central Line wasn't working and getting back from Notting Hill (where we ended up) was a pain enough without that - such a shame as we may have spotted Leona Lewis buying cupcakes..whoop-de-do. Also due to a really crap website we weren't even sure if the Cupcake Company were open (is it so difficult to list opening times etc on your site?) so we decided to head home to scoff our bounty with a cuppa!

First, the salted caramel cupcakes. Now I can't make up my mind if I like salted caramel - I like it if it's not too salty - the bacon/salted caramel cupcake we had in New York was wrong in many ways but mainly it was way too salty for my palette and led me to declare "I hate salted caramel" but since eating William Curley's salted caramel chocolates I've gotten a taste for it so was keen to try February's flavour of the month. I'm glad I did - it was gorgeous. Not too salty, but with a slight hint of saltiness in the frosting. The caramel cake was moist and very fresh and the frosting was very moreish. Definitely a winner!

Onto the chocolate "cupcake" from Chez Moi, Chez Vous - first up it really isn't a cupcake. I do wish people would stop calling something a cupcake when it isn't. This was blatantly a brownie in a cupcake case - a very tasty brownie but NOT a cupcake. Also melting a bit of chocolate on top does not frosting make. Manny of course loved it in all its chocolaty goodness, and it was nice, just not a cupcake.

Finally, a reminder that C&D's flavour of the month for March is Hot Toddy;

A spicy cinnamon, lemon and clove infused sponge combined with a delicious Irish whisky buttercream icing. Warming, indulgent and just the thing to see you through the no-doubt dreary British springtime.

Sounds fabulous - I shall be heading down to try one, and have a curry!

Flavours of the month from March-June are now online here.


Manny said...

I'm so glad we made it over there, the salted caramel was delicious and I loved the chocolate brownie/cake and the shortbread we got from there too :)

We should definately head over next month to get some of the hot toddy cakes from Crumbs & Doilies, and curry too of course :)

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

I was battling across London on Saturday and it was an absolute nightmare.

I didn't know that Crumbs & Doilies had their own shop, I have seen their blog though. I love Fleur du Sel salt caramels from France. They do great salt caramel ice cream on Ile de Re, one of my favourite holiday destinations where they harvest the salt nearby.

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Thanks for the tip! I think using cocktail sticks sound like a plan! I went to Iron cupcake again last night, did you manage to go there at all? it was pretty fun! I am feeling like I've definitely had my cupcake fix for March! I'm not sure how I'd feel about salted caramel either, I've seen it in some of my recipe books and it always just seems a bit random. I wish crumbs and doilies would bring back their oreo flavour of the month..did you ever try them? they look so good!!

I heart cupcakes said...

@Manny - thanks for coming with me and getting a cold!

@Sarah - getting to Notting Hill with no Central Line was a joy - stupid TFL!

They don't have a shop - just a stall at Partridges Market every Saturday, just near Sloane Sq. It's a nice little market. I'm still a bit hit n miss with the salted caramel -just a little is fine but too salty makes me a bit queasy

@Gem I didn't go last night - Monday's are never easy for me as I'm always shattered and usually work late! What did you make? I'll have to check our blog to see :)

I wouldn't make salted caramel cupcakes but would eat them if I saw them in store. We've had the Oreo one yes - very yummy.
I try and get to them once a month to try each new flavour! The next couple of months flavours sound fabulous.