Monday, 1 February 2010

Don't stop me now...

So I went a month without a cupcake..and then I ate two in one day. I was on holiday, my diet was already out the window after eating at Wahaca and Byron over the first couple of days of my holidays so what was the point of resisting the call of the new(ish) Hummingbird store in Wardour Street?

The new store is really cute (as usual), lots of pop art pics of cupcakes, with a few seats and really friendly helpful staff. It was a bit odd being back there as the store used to be my hairdressers and it was a bit strange seeing it in a different light - its certainly more welcoming than my hairdressers used to be, or maybe that's just because I have a phobia about hairdressers.

They didn't have any pink frosted vanilla cupcakes so I opted for one of their hand frosted vanilla creations, with gorgeous lilac frosting covered in glitter with a very pretty edible flower on top. Manny pondered for a few minutes, deciding between red velvet, double chocolate and black bottom - well if I'm honest he badgered me for a few minutes to see if I'd buy him two but I was trying to be good, so he decided upon the black bottom (Decadent, dark and dense chocolate sponge baked with a cheesecake centre, and frosted with cream cheese frosting) which is one of his favourite Hummingbird cupcakes. (I must make these from the Hummingbird Cookbook for him at some point).

I've said it before, but I'll repeat myself again - Hummingbird really do make some of the tastiest cupcakes around - I know some people think they're overly frosted (pah) but I think they are just divine - soft flavoursome base and frosting that oozes yummy-ness onto your tongue with every mouthful. There's little else to add, except to say if you've not had one, go try one - and if you're feeling really indulgent and they have them, grab a whoopie pie too - we had one a few months back and they're nearly as good as the cupcakes!

Finally, the store sells some of the Hummingbird merchandise I've mentioned on here previously.


Kats said...

I made the Hummingbird black bottom cupcakes and they turned out great (very rich - too much for my husband, he could only eat half of one!).

LuliBags said...

Can't wait to visit that shop!

Manny said...

Yes please, that would be great if you made some black bottom cupcakes :) Hummingbird are always good and I just don't get how people can complain about a cake being over-frosted!! People are strange!

I heart cupcakes said...

Kats - I dont think I'd have that problem with Manny ;) Glad to hear they turned out well though - will have to make him some soon!

Lulibags - its definitely worth popping in and grabbing a cupcake!

Manny - I shall make you some soon. And I know you lurve the frosting :)