Monday, 8 February 2010

We all scream for ice cream

Just looking at these makes me want to book a flight to New York NOW!

Available from Cold Stone Creamery - along with their usual ice cream cupcakes.

I want!

Photos used with thanks to Cold Stone Creamery


Star Bakery said...

OMG. I visited the Cold Stone creamery when it just opened in New York and the ice cream was amazing but this combination just makes me want to jump a plane NOW!!! Why don't we get exciting things like that over here??

I heart cupcakes said...

We meant to go last year to try the normal cupcakes and pick up my free birthday ice cream but it was so cold in NY and when we passed it we were so stuffed after a visit to Katzs and Sweet Sugar Sunshine (for cupcakes) I could barely move never mind eat anything else.
I wish we got funky stuff like this over here - although there are a couple of great gelato places in London they dont do ice cream cupcakes!
Also I ALWAYS want to jump on a plane to NY, preferably with a one way ticket ;)

Manny said...

Those chocolate ones are making me drool.

Too right about the one way ticket as well!