Thursday, 4 February 2010

I want to Swallow lots of cupcakes

Since I first read about Swallow Bakery a couple of years ago (I can't find the post - damn Blogger and their rubbish search function) I've been meaning to visit Chichester to try their cupcakes, but all this time later I've still not got there. Maybe this year for my birthday I should head there instead of Brighton, as the cakes look lovely and it's always nice to visit new places and try cupcakes.

So the reason for mentioning Swallow again with no real news - while reading the latest issue of Jamie Oliver's magazine I spotted their awesome Swallow Airstream in an article about food at the Womad Festival*. Isn't it adorable, and check out the cupcake on top - I wonder if I could get a cupcake like that and mount it on top of our house?

There is also a recipe for Swallow's red velvet cupcakes in the magazine.

Picture credits - top, Swallow Bakery, middle, Swallow Bakery Facebook site and bottom, Jamie Oliver magazine.
*I have never wanted to go to Womad festival - totally not my kind of music but the food looks AWESOME


Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

haha that is so awesome..if you track down a giant cupcake for the top of your house let me know as I'll be lining up for one of those too! glad you liked my gingerbread cupcakes! I know I don't know why they hold it so early at was a real struggle for me to get there for that time too..we got there about 6:20 and couldn't get a seat as it was so packed out so people must have got there pretty swiftly..I was wondering what kind of jobs these people all had that they can make it there by 6! craziness, but even if you want to come eat and not enter then I guess it doesn't matter if you're was alot of fun and for cupcake lovers like yourself you'd be in heaven! x
P.s I've just googled swallow bakery and I'm literally looks amazing! and I'm annoyed as we went and stayed near Chichester for our anniversary weekend last year so we could have totally gone if I'd known it was there..I so have to make a trip to sample those delights!

Manny said...

I think we should head to Chichester for your birthday this year - cupcakes and ale :)

One day you will have your own cupcake van, I'm sure of it :)