Friday, 12 February 2010

How long till Easter?

So we've not even had valentines yet and I'm already encouraging you to start buying for your Easter cupcaking!

I spotted these in the new Lakeland mailout and I think they are super cute, especially with the fantastic chick cupcakes in them. Unfortunately they haven't included a recipe for the lovely cupcakes (some decorating tips would be good!) but you could check Hello, Cupcake or Wilton for decorating ideas. I found a couple of cupcake decorating suggestions in my Cupcake Fun book that could be great for these, I doubt I'll buy them though as I already have some happy feet silicone cases.

Available to buy online from Lakeland.

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KARA said...

These are too cute, I have some similar for other animals, I have been to scared to use them so far as my decorating cupcake skills are not so not