Sunday, 14 February 2010

Wu hu for Bake a Boo

Nearly a year and a half ago I blogged that we were heading to Bake a Boo in a couple of weeks...well on Friday we finally made it.

We ventured out on a very chilly afternoon, on an epic 3 bus journey quest to find it, passing some very interesting kitchen supply stores on the way (I shall be going back along the route again myself to check them out as Manny tires of kitchen equipment shopping). We got off the bus a little early, not realising the C11 stops directly outside it, so after a quick stomp down Mill Lane we found an oasis of pink cupcake cuteness.

It really is one of the cutest little cafes I've ever seen, lots of pink and vintage goodies everywhere and the tablecloths and crockery were gorgeous. I meant to get an espresso just so I could take a pic of their beautiful pink and white espresso cups - which were brought to my attention by another grown woman going into Meg Ryan in Katz's Deli style orgasmic excitement about them - they were that cute!

I fancied something different, and was really hoping for a fudge or Baileys cupcake but neither were available, so I opted for a gluten free lemon, Manny had a chocolate and we both had a much needed hot drink - this and the cosy atmosphere of the cafe soon had us warmed up. The cupcakes were as tasty as they were pretty. Mine was really zesty and fresh, the base was soft and the frosting was melt in your mouth. Manny's chocolate was deemed to be "one of the best I've ever had", so good in fact he ordered a second one and scoffed it!

The cafe had a really cosy atmosphere - lots of people were popping in to pick up orders, mothers and children popping in after school for a cuppa and a cupcake and there was a family at the back celebrating someones 21st.

On the way out I picked up a couple of packets of cupcake cases from their display of goodies to buy and set off back into the cold.

I definitely recommend a trip to Bake a Boo - I'll be back as I have to try the fudge and Bailey's flavours! They offer

Finally, Bake a Boo are offering some very interesting workshops, from knitting to burlesque hair and make up classes, further information can be found here - they all seem to include cakes! I'm very tempted by the knitting class but as it's a bit of a trek from South London I'm not sure as there is a 10am start time!

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Manny said...

I'm so glad we finally made it up there because it really was one of the nicest cafes we have ever been to and the cakes and coffee ruled! Let's go back ASAP!