Thursday, 25 February 2010

M&S cupcake yummyness

A couple of items in store for Mother's Day including this gorgeous recipe journal (which I'm totally getting for myself) and these cute little cupcake magnets. I'm sure any mother would love to receive them.

Also in store this cute little t shirt - and for every shirt sold £1 goes to the Clic children s cancer charity - and any little girl would look adorable on it! If only they did it in adult sizes!


Bitsy said...

Oh. I love the magnets. I collect magnets. Well. Its an international fridge magnet collection. So cupcake magnets dont really count do they. Oh feck it. I know I'll get them anyway. X

KARA said...

love M&S, I shall have to get the magnets, there can never be too many cupcakes on the fridge

Sarah-Jane - said...

how do you find all these things ?

That journal is stunning - I've just ordered one !