Monday, 23 March 2009

Batch...finally we try the bacon cupcake

On Sunday we were both feeling a bit hungover due to excess alcohol consumption at the Double Down Saloon (moto: you puke you so we decided to make good use of the sunshine and warmer climate to check out Shack Shack in Madison Square Park as this was one place I really didn't want to miss off our eating list! Not to go on about non-cupcake stuff too much but if you're in NY and you like burgers and milkshakes all I can say is go there! Its fab! And a great way to cure a hangover -their vanilla milkshake was so thick and creamy and scrumptious!

One of the cupcake shops I definitely wanted to try was Batch so we wandered around, looking in stores, including Williams Sonoma, sooooo overpriced but nice, and then popped into Batch to get some cupcakes for back at the B&C later. The store was really little and cute, with room for a few people to eat in and a really great range of cupcakes to choose from - I was restrained and only ordered 3 - a vanilla bean for me, a dragon devil's food for Manny and a caramel bacon cupcake to share. Yes, with real bacon!

The vanilla cupcake was really REALLY good. There were lots of specks of vanilla throughout the cake and frosting which I really like to see - its the sign of a good cupcake! Manny loved his devils food cupcake - even I was nearly swayed to have one as it looked simply gorgeous! The bacon however was a different story - I tried a small bit (with a bit of bacon sprinkle) and good god it was AWFUL, really salty and, well, bacony! The caramel was salted caramel, I think, or it may just have been the salitness of the bacon...and I hate salt caramel..yuk! Just WRONG. Manny, the human garbage can, ate it, but said afterwards he wouldn't eat another. I think bacon is best left to sandwiches with ketchup!

Just a thought - this should perhaps be renamed BLURGH ..finally we try the bacon cupcake!


Manny said...

I finally realised that bacon and cake don't go together! Just looking at the pic of the Shake Shack burger is making me drool, that was so nice :)

KARA said...

oh that burger looks gorgeous yummy. Bacon cakes what ugh so wrong x thanks for the warning x

Little Miss Random said...

I'd try anything once, so like you, I would have tried the bacon cupcakes too. In fact, when I was in New York last autumn, I bought the most wonderful chocolate bar ever - Mo's Bacon Bar (dark chocolate with actual bits of smoked bacon inside). It was out of this world. You should definitely try some if you see it while you're in NYC!

I was going to post that Candy Cakes are having a special promotion this week whereby you get a free coffee with any purchase of cupcakes if you go to any branch before 7 pm and mention "London Lite" but I guess you're not around to take advantage of this!

I heart cupcakes said...

@ Little Miss Random - I had to try the bacon cupcake but really regretted it after! My husband tried some chocolate covered bacon there by Ronnie-Sue (who is well known in NY for her bacon goodies!). Is Mo's the one they sell in Selfridges now?

I'm in London now -unfortunately been back from NY a couple of weeks now! I saw the Candy Cakes thing- I'm quite fond of their coffee actually but not so fond of their cakes but my husband loves them so I can get one for him! Thanks for letting me know :)

Little Miss Random said...

Yes, it's the same bar that's being sold in Selfridges. Just saw it the other day. I gave it to a friend of mine, and he finished it in one day. One day!

I saw Candy Cakes today but decided against it as I'm really not very fond of icing. I'll make an exception for Bea's cookie monster, but I haven't had the chance to go back there just yet!

I heart cupcakes said...

Good grief - that's a lot of bacon chocolate in one day!!

The frosting on the Beas cookie monster cupcake is really nice, the icing on the Candy Cakes isn't - very sweet and gloopy.