Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Eating cupcakes in Hell's Kitchen

Tuesday was kinda deemed to be Manny's day as we were going to visit the USS Intrepid - something which I was kinda dreading, but it was ok...for the first few hours.

After many hours of wandering around looking at planes, helicopters, space shuttles, boats, Concorde's etc we took a wander around Hell's Kitchen to look for Amy's Bread as I knew they had a branch in HK.

Thankfully for our aching feet it didn't take long to find it (I was a whiz with the block system by then if I did say so myself!) - a really busy little store with lots of yummy goodies, both sweet and savoury, inside. Unfortunately it was too busy to get a seat, so we took away a couple of cupcakes to have with a coffee back at the B&C*. I got a yellow cake with pink frosting and Manny got a devils food cupcake with decadent chocolate silk're in Hell so you may as well be decadent!

My cupcake was one of the best I tried in NY, very soft flavoursome base with lots of really tasty, vanilla frosting. Manny's cake barely touched the sides so I know he enjoyed it ;)

Amy's Bread, Hells Kitchen, 672 Ninth Avenue, (Between 46th & 47th Streets)

*I keep mentioning our B&C in posts - this is because where we stayed was called the East Village Bed and Coffee - you can visit their website here, and read all about Mango the dog who I wanted to adopt - I've included a pic of him in this post as he was desperately trying to snaffle a lick of my Amy's cupcake! If you're ever visiting NY I cannot recommend this place highly enough - when we go back, hopefully for Halloween 2010 I know this is where I'll be staying!

Mango was a rescue dog and you can read all about his journey to NY from Culebra, Puerto Rico here. I hearted Mango and Miss Blanquita his little friend :)

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Manny said...

Devil's food from Hell's Kitchen - how can you beat that \m/

I miss the dogs, you should put a pic of Blanquita up too!