Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ciao for Now..and Barbie's giant cupcake

So I've nearly finished with my round up of New York cupcakes we ate, and, mostly, loved!

On the Monday we went to Times Square and visited Sephora, Sanrio and some other stores and , best of all, rode on the Toys R Us ferris wheel, in the My Little Pony carriage (There is pictorial evidence of this on my myspace page). We also saw the huge T-Rex there and it was Barbie's birthday so the entrance to her house had a giant cupcake outside :)

After all that shopping I needed a coffee, and a cupcake so on the way back to the B&C we popped into Ciao For Now, another cupcake cafe totally near where we were staying! It was a really quaint little cafe, with lots of quirky furniture, including a fish tank made from an ancient tv set.

We ordered the usual, a vanilla and a chocolate and a couple of coffees (again good coffee - do you get bad coffee in NY?). The cupcakes were ok if a little tasteless - the frosting tasted nice, but the base was a bit tasteless with the merest hint of vanilla. Manny's chocolate cupcake was very soft with lots of frosting and very chocolaty - just how he likes it.

Ciao for Now, 523 East 12th St, between Ave A and B

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Manny said...

That was a nice little cafe, I remember enjoying my choccie cupcake :) I'm so chuffed we went on the ferris wheel, those pics with My Little Pony in the background will always make me laugh :)