Sunday, 29 March 2009

Holy Cow Cupcakes

I was reading an article via Google news on Whoopie Pies (aka cupcakes evil cousin), which led me to Holy Cow Cupcakes' website. I just loved the name and had to check them out! I love their little blurb on their site:

Naturally every item that leaves our kitchen contains our secret ingredient: love. Because a cupcake made without love really isn't a cupcake at all.

Call me an old sap but that's how I think of cupcakes (and cooking in general I have to say!), which is why I don't get some of the sour faces in London cupcakerys sometimes..I'd love to work every day surrounded by cupcakes. Nothing makes me feel happier than baking..except maybe a hug (sorry my hangovers making me soppy!)

Btw, we saw whoopie pies in New York and Manny had said he wanted to try one but we just never got round to it as we were constantly full or trying to keep room for a cupcake!

Thanks to Erin for the pic of the Erin cupcake from Holy Cow!


KARA said...

Oh my god I am with you totally, my dream is to open a cupcakery in Kent as we do not seem to have any, it would be amazing to do that all day I think.
Beautiful cupcake x

Manny said...

I loved the bit about hugs, that made me so happy :) There will be an Anne's Bakery one day, I can feel it!

Gale Driscoll said...


Do you have an email or contact details?

I have my own cupcake bakery in SE London and would love you to try some or feature my company on your website.

My website address is

I heart cupcakes said...

@Gale - hi, thanks for dropping by and commenting! You cupcakes look awesome - I'll put up a post about you in the next couple of days! You can always message me via my blog! I can also contact you via your site with my email address if you'd prefer

@ Kara - I agree with you - that's why I find it odd that certain cupcakerys in London seem to be rather sour sometimes!

Karen said...

hello! Holy Cow is my cupcakery! Thank you for featuring it on your blog! It is a labor of love, but one well worth it!

I heart cupcakes said...

Karen, thanks for dropping by and commenting! Your cupcakery looks fantastic!

Suzanne said...

I'll need to try and pay a visit, looks great.