Saturday, 21 March 2009

I am a master baker

Well not quite but I did manage to make some exceptionally yummy cupcakes tonight following the recipe from my gorgeous Hummingbird Bakery cookbook.

I think that perhaps the cupcake cafes of London should be worrying about the downturn in their profits following my discovery that I can bake 12 yummy cupcakes for the price of a couple, although if I continue to home bake, and eat, then any money I save on cupcakes will be spent in the clothes shops of London as my girth

I highly recommend the book -the cake is very moist and melt in the mouth -and the frosting is simply divine!!! And it's not just me blowing my own trumpet honest...I'd be the first to admit if they tasted ropey!


KARA said...

This is so funny I baked cupcakes last night too, I also tried piping icing, so funny looks awful.
These look great xxxxx

I heart cupcakes said...

Thanks Kara. I didn't try piping them this time, last time I didn't close the top of the piping bag properly and sprayed myself so just bunged it on with a spoon! I have to practice my frosting technique - these tasted good but my presentation was a bit off!
How did yours turn out?
I've sent some to band practice with Manny so will see how four guys in a punk band enjoyed eating pink cupcakes! xx

Kats said...

They look delicious, much better than my green tea cupcakes! Red velvet or vanilla are next on my list to try.

I heart cupcakes said...

Thanks Kats. I meant to say sorry to hear the green tea ones didn't work out!
I am planning the red velvet ones also. I may make some brownies this week for my husband as his band have a long journey to a gig on Saturday and will need something to soak up all the booze I'm sure they'll have.
I deffo recommend the vanilla recipe - was really easy to follow and tasted divine!

Manny said...

They were so lovely, you should be really proud of yourself. The other guys in my band all loved theirs too, you have fans already :)

Kats said...

Inspired by your post, I made red velvet cupcakes yesterday! They turned out really well, highly recommended also. What cupcake cases do you use? I find standard ones are too small, but muffin cases are too big.

The brownies sounds nice too, I'm sure the band will appreciate them! I've also made the peanut butter cookies, they were delicious, and blueberry muffins, which were a bit of a disaster!

I heart cupcakes said...

@Kats - my friend from the States bought me a load of Wilton cupcake cases which seemed a wee bit big but ok. You can get them on Amazon and lots of other places online. The UK ones I bought are tiny - maybe good for making some mini cupcakes.

I think I'll make the band some more vanilla cupcakes and maybe the brownies next time. Definitely going to try the red velvet next month!

glutton boy said...

I tend a cupcake, though we call them fairy cakes cos' it's more english, shop in london, where do you buy yours? and yes we have noticed a downturn, though i think that's more because people are now reluctant to spend £2.50 on a fairycake when fred goodwin has stolen all our money!

I heart cupcakes said...

@ Glutton Boy - I wont get into the whole fairy cakes v cupcakes debate again on here! London places I'd recommend to buy from Hummingbird, Buttercup, Primrose and if you're lucky enough to be near them Outsider Tart.

You can always bake your own - the recipe I used made 12 and cost well under a fiver!