Monday, 23 March 2009

Penny Licks - Williamsburg

So I'm finally getting round to nearly finishing off the cupcakes in New York blog!

On the Saturday after a seriously yummy breakfast from Ess a Bagel (pic included even though its not a cupcake I had to share!), we hopped on the Subway to Williamsburg, the capital of hipsters in NY. After a wander round Williamsburg we chanced upon Penny Licks. Oh ok I was deliberately looking for it but I had the perfect excuse for needing a cupcake - a bird had plopped on me on the way to breakfast so I was distressed!

Penny Licks is an ultra cute little vegan store - it sells ice cream and other vegan treats. It also sells non vegan stuff and being the doofus I am I forgot to check whether our cupcakes were vegan or not.

We had a couple of (really nice) coffees and the usual 2 cupcakes - vanilla for me, chocolate for Manny - to be fair that was pretty much the only choice for cupcakes anyhow! My base was really nice and moist, however the frosting was a bit too creamy/oily, which makes me think it was vegan and had oil in the frosting or something similar. Manny as usual enjoyed his chocolate cupcake - it was creamy and chocolaty!

We went back into Penny Licks (no website) after a visit to the Brooklyn Brewery and to Mugs Ale House extreme beer fest and bought two HUGE cookies (our dinner that night)! The star were really friendly, asking us about the UK and how much things cost there, and the cookies were much nicer than the cupcakes - I don't have any pics though as I was a bit "merry" by that point!

Penny Licks, 158 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Manny said...

More pics to make me "homesick" for New York. I remember I really liked my chocolate cupcake and the cookie too :)