Saturday, 14 March 2009

Shopping to cheer myself up

I'm still missing New York so I went shopping to cheer myself up today, which led me to Next homestore in Tottenham Court Road and this ultra cute shelf unit! Unfortunately they didnt' have it in store so I had to order it online - well I tried but their site isn't working properly so I had to order it on the telephone which proved to be quite an ordeal (all I can say is their non-English call centre is not good!) but on Friday I shall have this lovely item delivered, and soon after (Manny's DIY skills permitting) it will be hanging in my kitchen.

Cute as a cupcake!

Next also have bedding with cupcakes on but only up to double size and we have a king (pah), I may have to get the curtains though - I got a mug there too - pics to follow!


Anonymous said...

Of course I shall hang that up for you, I'll use my spirit level to make sure the cuteness you put on it doesnt fall off!

KARA said...

Oh this is so funny I have this in my kitchen, I actually got sent 2 by accident so I sold one, I wish I had thought of you.
It is so cute and holds lovely little trinkets x

I heart cupcakes said...

@ Anonymous aka Manny - thanks hon

@ Kara - good grief we really do think alike! Its just too cute isn't it! I really wanted to buy it in store y'day but they didn't have them, and if I wasn't so obsessed that call centre would've put me off! But its ultra cute and I had to have it!

KARA said...

lol - I know what you mean luckily hubby got it for me online x