Sunday, 15 March 2009

Could you?

I read Vice Magazine to keep up with the hipsters shennanigans (NSFW has pics of the breast milking!!), however haven't seen the latest issue and their article "Hello Titty" where they compare breast milk cupcakes with cows milk ones, so thanks to Serious Eats for posting about it.

we forced our friend Patrick to do a taste test: Breast-milk cupcakes vs. some regular old cow-milk cupcakes. He was hesitant, but we were like, “Suck it up, wimp!”

After quietly chewing for a few minutes, he whispered, “I… I can’t tell any difference at all.” But we said, “No, you have to choose one.” So he held up the cupcake in his right hand and said, “This one is vaguely tastier.” And guess what, it was the boobcake! Breast milk officially wins!

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Manny said...

Me want boobcake! Boobies and chocolate frosting - a match made in heaven :)