Sunday, 15 March 2009

The New York cupcake round up begins...Big Boooty cupcakes

I heart New York even more than cupcakes. Seriously I'd give up cupcakes forever to move there and that would take a lot of willpower as there are cupcakes everywhere! While there we tried cupcakes from 9 different places - we were never going to manage to try all forty plus that I'd found and the ones we had were mostly v.good!

First up on our second day in NY was the Big Booty Bread Company. As we weren't that hungry following a hearty Ukrainian breakfast at Veselka (and to be honest I was still a bit stuffed after my banana and walnut pancakes from Clinton Street Baking Co on the Weds..the only thing I ate on the day of arrival...and even then I only ate half, Manny munched the rest!) we opted to share 2 cupcakes. According to Chowhounders Big Booty makes the best red velvet cupcake in NY. I can't say I agree...the cake itself was v.small and burnt, like it'd had shrunk in the baking and the frosting was too cheesy and sweet. Manny liked the red velvet but he has a v.sweet tooth, although he did say it wasn't one of the best he'd tried. The other flavour we shared was Dulce de leche and this was a much better cake. Base had a lovely texture and the frosting was tasty but again v.sweet, you could feel the sugar rush. I love dulce de leche but not even sure if I could've eaten a whole one of these myself!

All in all, Big Booty is a cute place to pop into if you're in the neighbourhood for a coffee and cake but not worth schlepping over town for! If I went again I'd try one of their infamous dulce de leche buns rather than their cupakes I think!

Big Booty Bread Co
261 W.23rd St, Ny


KARA said...

Oh my god I can not tell you how jealous and similar we are.
I would give up nearly anything to go to NY, I have been to nearly 70% of US as my family all live there but the only place in the states I wanted to go I have not been, I was supposed to go last year but found out I was pregnant, I have decided I am just going to take my little boy with me. and the cupcakerys will be hit

Manny said...

Looking at the pics makes me "homesick" for New York, I really felt at home there this time! If we'd gone to all 40 cupcake places we'd have had to have 2 seats each on the way back!!