Friday, 20 February 2009

A recap of the London cupcake tour

I'm posting this for the lovely Kara, a fellow cupcake addict, who posted asking for any suggestions of where to visit in London, specifically near Knightsbridge.

We did a mini cupcake tour last March for my birthday and all 3 destinations are within walking distance of Knightsbridge and I thought I'd repost the links for Kara and anyone else interested.

The tour went from Crumbs and Doilies at Partridges Market (about 2 mins walk from Sloane Square tube) to Hummingbird Bakery near South Kensington Tube, ending up at Buttercup near High Street Kensington (where you can pop into Wholefoods for a cuppa to re-energise!). You can walk it all in an hour or so (probably quicker if you don't keep stopping) or you can do it all via the underground, or just go to one of them!

You can check our tour at the following links

Feel free to ask any more questions. Oh and if you're near Richmond or Chiswick I urge you to go to Outsider Tarts cupcake weekend - which is next weekend. You wont taste better I promise you!!!

Also if anyone else has any questions about cupcakes in London please get in touch! And dont forget to check out Kara's blog!

The pics above are from our tour last year :)


KARA said...

You are so amazing, thanks so much, I can't wait to also take the tour pushchair in hand, my bro works at Harrods so we are going there and then looking around so this sounds perfect.
I shall post piccy's to show you, once again I really appreciate this

I heart cupcakes said...

Glad to be of help!
They also have some cupcakes in Harrods but I've never tried them as when I went they didn't look too good! You can always go to Laduee and have some scrumptious macaroons instead - I have to pop there this week to get my mum some for her birthday - I hope they survive in the post!
Can't wait to see your pics! Have a fab time down here - I'm going to Richmond on Saturday for the Outsider Tart cupcake weekend x