Wednesday, 25 February 2009

(Paper)chasing cupcakes!

At the weekend I popped into Paperchase and happened to spot these cupcake goodies.

They have a few more cute bits but they didn't have them in the store I went to, however if you're interested your best bet is probably to go to the giant store in Tottenham Court Road or the Westfield one as they tend to have everything!

The bottom pic is a roll of wrapping paper - I have a wild idea that I will wallpaper one of my kitchen walls in this and then varnish over it or something - I wonder if that's possible..time for me to do some Google research!


Manny said...

Ha ha, one day our house is just going to look like a giant cupcake :) Of course you'll be the sweetest thing in it xxxx

KARA said...

Ahh Mannys comment is too cute, oh how much do you love paperchase, although it sucks as they shut the ones near me, the nearest is over an hour away, I did not see these last month on my paperchase trip, ummm may have to go there next weekend.
Now on the wallpapering I have heard you can do this, I shall have a look and see if I can find the link x