Sunday, 1 February 2009

Is cake a solution to my cold?

In the last few days while I've been ill with another cold I've been contemplating wearing a mask while on public transport as I seem to journey with people who have never been taught basic manners, ie putting your hand over your mouth while coughing or not sneezing willy-nilly onto people on the bus! While browsing Artbox's site I found this fantastic cake covered mask and shall now have to think hard whether I have the guts to wear one on the bus daily.


KARA said...

Oh god don'tyou wish you did, not only for cute factor, but I came up to London with Baby Grayson this week to visit my brother and I have now got tube flu ugh.

Manny said...

Go for it hun, you'll look cute and if anyone laughs at you they'll have me to deal with!!