Thursday, 19 February 2009

Fancy a mouthful of Mickey Rourke?

Me neither but I would happily eat one of these lovey-licious cupcakes bearing pics of those nominated for this weekends Oscars. Although I draw the line at eating one with Kate Winslett'd probably be soggy with fake tears!

They can be bought from Eleni's in NYC, along with their movie quote cupcakes.

How supercalifragilous expialidocious

Thanks to Serious Eats NY for alerting me to these!

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KARA said...

how cute are they, love the Kate comment.
I wanted to ask a favour, I am upin London visiting next weekend, I am staying in SE but will be visiting Knightsbridge and wondered if you know any good cupcake bakeries in the area, it has to be done as we have none in kent.