Sunday, 1 February 2009

The flavour of the month is...

Vanilla Rose...yum! I shall definitely be heading along to Crumbs and Doilies next Saturday for some of these;

Our Vanilla Rose cupcakes are made using the very finest Madagascan vanilla and stream-distilled Damask rose water. They’re light, fragrant and incredibly more-ish. Just the thing for Valentines Day (or any other day!)

And then I shall be heading there alone on Valentines day for some of their Valentines cupcakes. And I shall deserve them as I'm going to be a sad single on Valentines day as my other half will be twiddling with his bass in some studio in Soho...pout!

All pics are courtesy of Crumbs and Doilies

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Manny said...

Aw now I feel bad :( I shall hurry home after band practice, we can have tea, cupcakes (hint, hint!) and a good snuggle xxx