Saturday, 28 February 2009

I heart the Tarts!

I heart Outsider Tart's cupcakes and it seemed like AGES since I'd had one so I made sure we didn't miss this months cupcake weekend (even though we really should've gone to the laundrette today as our piece of plop Hotpoint machine decided to stop working for like the zillionth time and we have a tonne of washing to do before our holidays!)

Anyways back to OT's cupcake extravaganza. I was beginning to think we'd never get there due to a footwear issue with Manny, however when we got there thankfully there were still some cupcakes left...if not someone would've been getting up early tomorrow to go to Chiswick for some!

I got one unfilled, strawberries and cream and one filled, orange poppy (filled with OT's own lemon curd which is FAB!) and Manny had a milk chocolate and a filled almond joy (filled with almond cream which I snaffled a bit of and it was gorgeous)!

Seriously I'm not just saying this cuz these guys are really nice but they have definitely got a magic touch with cupcakes - they were all utterly fantastic! I cannot tell you how gorgeous the strawberries and cream one tasted -there just aren't they words, and I love the fact that every time I go there I try something different - who'd have thought of a poppy seed cupcake? The only word I can really use to describe them all is YUMMY!


KARA said...

oh they look super super yummy, I am not too jealous. Strawberries and cream yummy.
I have left something for you on my blog x

Mari Mac's Mother said...

Hello from Seattle!

Thank you for your wonderfully delicious blog!

I came across your site while searching for a cupcake kitchen timer which leads me to ask...could you be persuaded to do another Debenhams run and ship one to me in the States? :D I don't know if they still carry them in the stores but I did find them on the Debenhams' website. There was once a lovely one sold at Bold & Bright but it has been discontinued...who would do such a thing?!

At any rate, your help would be greatly appreciated but I will understand if you'd rather not take on the task. Please let me know either way.

Thanks so much!



Manny said...

I'm so glad we made it to Richmond in time, they were delicious cakes :)