Monday, 4 January 2010

Which would you rather take a bite out of....

Edward or Jacob? Or should that be who would you rather take a bite out of you!

Yes, yes, Twilight books (and now movies) have been around for positively ages but I've been busy with cupcakes and what not, and have only recently read the books (on the last one now) and seen Twilight (loved it - would've enjoyed it more without Manny's waves of "is this it" emanating from next to me on the sofa!), so am a some-what "new" fan.

A new fan who is very much on Team Edward -Jacob's just too needy and smiley for my liking, waaay too clean cut looking. So If I had the choice I would definitely be sinking my teeth into an Edward cupcake, if only the fabulous vegan cupcakery Sweet Avenue shipped to the UK!

For those of you lucky enough to be in the US, you can choose from Edward v's Jacob cupcakes, a full New Moon set with 4 vampires, a werewolf and Bella (it would seem the cupcakes are very much aimed at the female of the species..and a token bloke!) or you can create your own box with anyone from the Cullen family, Bella, Jacob or even the Volturi!

I want some!!


Libbs said...

I'm a late-comer to the twilight world too!

These cakes are really cool, I like the Alice one best.
I'd be a little concerned about the amount of colouring in them though...

I heart cupcakes said...

Hi Libbs
Thanks for the comment - I think the pics are on edible paper so you dont have to eat them and there's only a few sprinkles round the side so I think the colour should be ok - unlike some of the v.brightly frosted ones you see!
I'd go for Edward myself!