Sunday, 24 January 2010

Bea-utiful cupcakes for your Valentine

Bea's of Bloomsbury always produce some of the prettiest, and tastiest, cupcakes and fortunately their selection for Valentines doesn't disappoint! I love them all, and I'm sure anyone would be happy to receive them as a Valentines gift.

Available in boxes of 6 for £13 or 12 for £25 or as part of their fabulous sounding Love Box with lots of other goodies, including chocolate brownie hearts, further details of which can be found on their site. I know someone that will love a brownie heart so I'll have to pop in pre-valentines to grab a couple.

As much as I like the look of the Valentines selection, I am personally hoping someone will pop in and get me one of their Chinese New Year selection featuring my favourite animal of all time - the panda!!! I don't think I've seen a prettier cupcake ever! MUST get one.

Finally, Bea's are currently running a Cupcakes against Malaria campaign - if you buy 6 cupcakes they send a malaria net to the survivors of the Haiti earthquake. You can read about it on Bea's website and at

Thanks to Bea's for use of the photographs


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I LOVE it, these LOVEly cupcakes ^ _^

Have a LOVEly (blog)week!


Star Bakery said...

I wish I lived in London! I make cupcakes everyday and you'd think I'd be tired of them but other people's creations always taste so good...

Bea's would be my first stop, I love the look of their cafe.


Manny said...

I shall be taking a wander over to Bea's for sure - you shall have your panda cupcake :)

I heart cupcakes said...

Saskia - thanks they are gorgeous aren't they! Bea's is one of my favourite bakeries in London! Thanks for your comment -hope you've had a fabulous week :)

Liana -Thanks for your comment :) Bea's is a lovely place for a great coffee and a cake. I've had a few different items from there (not just cupcakes) and they were all yummy! Just checked out your site again - your cakes look amazing and I love the heart biscuits! Hope you can make it to Bea's sometime soon

Manny - thank you honey - I'm not sure if you have to order in advance, like the wonderful cookie monsters you got me from Bea! I'll send Bea a message on Twitter :)