Thursday, 14 January 2010

Love is in the air

Aren't these love heart themed cupcake toppers really cute - or am I just getting overly-romantic while searching for romantic cupcake ideas online?

Also available, a cupcake shaped trivet for your kitchen, and these lovely heart shaped measuring cups, perfect for measuring out cupcake recipes from America, or for porridge, which is what I mainly use mine for! And finally, something I'm hoping for for valentines, a pink mixing bowl...yes I know, a mixing bowl is an odd gift but I love these bowls, in fact I heart them (sorry couldn't resist!)

All available from the Cooks Kitchen, who also have some valentine cupcake cases.

All photos copyright Cooks Kitchen, and used with thanks.

[edit: PLEASE see comments below re Cooks Kitchen's service before deciding to place an order. I have never bought anything from them so cannot comment from personal experience, but if you do decide to order from them please consider yourself fore-warned. I don't accept responsibility for any purchase you make after seeing them in this blog - I just find cupcake themed stuff and post it on here. If you want to recommend (or warn readers) about a company I feature on here please do - I'm all for good customer service and don't like to use companies that offer poor service! Thanks to Samantha for the warning]


The Caked Crusader said...

Just to let you know - I have had really bad experiences ordering from Cooks Kitchen and won't buy from them any longer. They charge you straight away and take months to dispatch your order...if at all. I ordered Halloween items from them in Sept and didn't receive them (they don't tell you that items are out of stock, yet still charge you) - I had to chase and chase for refunds (they don't respond to emails or answer the phone very often) before getting a rather grudging refund from them. If it had happened just the once I wouldn't comment but it's been probably three bad experiences now (I only ordered again from them because I forgot what trouble they were!)

I heart cupcakes said...

Thanks so much for the warning - I cannot abide bad customer service and will edit the post to say to be pre-warned before buying from them!
Thanks again - I wont chance buying from them then. I did wonder about the pink bowls as they seem to be out of stock in lots of places, yet they have them!

Manny said...

That's a shame, now I have to look elsewhere for Valentines pressies!

The London Foodie said...

Hi, what a lovely blog - i love cupcakes too and can't ever seem to have enough of them. I will make sure to be coming back here for some more cupcake inspiration!

Luiz @ The London Foodie

I heart cupcakes said...

@Luiz Thank you so much. I spent a great deal of y'day catching up with your blog! Is there such a thing as too many cupcakes ;)

@Manny Its a shame as I've wanted that bowl for ages - shall keep looking ;)