Saturday, 2 January 2010

Next..the love of the cupcake continues

I picked up the new Next Home in the Next Home store on Tottenham Court Road and its FULL of lovely cupcake goodness :)

Firstly they have a really cute new set of cupcake mugs - but I've been forbidden to buy more crockery for the time being so shalln't be buying these!

I love the duvet cover in the bedding and rugs section and am already working on Manny to trade in our yukky old king size for a new double bed so I can have cupcake bedding (I know this is a little ott but we need a new bed and I like this duvet cover!). I like the cushion as well, very cute, as is the rug. I'm definitely ordering the cupcake glitter prints as they'll look great in my cupcake kitchen. Unfortunately the cupcake luggage is definitely for kids only - maybe I should contact Next and ask for an adult size! They also have another cupcake money bank - I have several already but maybe I should start collecting them as I keep finding new ones!


KARA said...

Got my catalogue in the post yesterday and was swoon, I have already ordered the cupcake money box, this will be my 4th or 5th can't remember - lol.
Hubby asked me not to order the mugs :-( but I may sneak them in lol

Manny said...

Ha ha, we are just going to end up living in a cupcake-themed house aren't we ;)

I heart cupcakes said...

@Kara - its just fabulous in there - luckily there's a home store near(ish) to Manny's work so I can drop hints and get him to pop in :) I may have to get the mugs -they can be back ups incase of breakages! They also have single cupcake mugs for £2 in store but I couldn't see them as they were up too high for me

@Manny - we are indeed but as long as I bake I'm sure you wont mind ;)