Saturday, 1 August 2009

Its cupcake weekend...wuhu

Its Outsider Tart's cupcake weekend this weekend and I hope to make it along to the new Chiswick store tomorrow - however there are a lot of road closures so I mightn't make it which is quite perturbing as this months selection looks GOOD - their theme this week is Nebraska :) 

Raspberry Polenta with raspberry buttercream
Gingerbread with lemon cream cheese frosting
Maple pecan with maple glaze
Peanut butter chocolate chip with peanut butter frosting
Chocolate Polenta with mocha cream frosting
Banana Orange
Vanilla Vanilla ( fave)

I'm loving the gingerbread, the banana, the peanut butter and of course the vanilla! In fact (as usual) they all sound great!

The Chiswick shop will have a selection of the weekend cucpakes  and also some layer cakes, tarts and brownies...yum! And of course you can catch them at the markets - locations here

Thanks to Outsider Tart for use of their Twitpic of their blackout cupcakes being prepared...think Manny'll be trying to lick the screen when he sees it ;) 


Sue said...

The peanut butter cupcake is really delicious - I ate one yesterday : )

Sue said...

I popped into the new shop today and bought more cupcakes : )

Manny said...

Sorry we didn't make it up there yesterday, I had a brilliant day in the pub with you though and we shall head up to the shop next Sunday for sure! Those cupcakes look good indeed :)

I heart cupcakes said...

@Sue - sounds like you had a cupcake-tastic weekend! We didn't make it there yesterday as we ended up staying local! We're planning on visiting the shop next week though

@Manny - it'd be lovely to get over to see the Davids on Sunday...I'm sure we can fit a pint in somewhere too ;)